LoLdle Answers Today: Classic, Quote, Ability, Emoji, and Splash

If you’re a League of Legends enthusiast, you’re in for a treat with LoLdle, an engaging daily game that puts your League of Legends knowledge to the test. This daily challenge presents players with the exciting task of correctly identifying champions based on clues that draw from in-game elements like quotes, abilities, emojis, and splash artwork. Some questions are a breeze to solve, while others offer a more challenging experience. To ensure you’re always on the mark with your choices, we’ve got today’s LoLdle answers ready for you.

Today’s LoLdle Answers – September 27th

Image showing the LoLdle main menu screen.
LoLdle is an in-browser game you can play daily.

LoLdle is a delightful in-browser game that you can enjoy daily. To embark on your LoLdle adventure, visit the official LoLdle website. Upon arriving at the webpage, you’ll encounter the menu displayed above. This menu offers five intriguing selections: Classic, Quote, Ability, Emoji, and Splash Art, each providing unique clues for you to decipher. Here are the LoLdle answers for today:

Classic Answer

  • Champion: Lee Sin.

Quote Question: Which Champion utters the quote, “They look at me and see only the mask”?

  • Champion: Yone.

Ability Question: Whose ability is “Keeper’s Verdict”?

  • Champion: Poppy.
  • Ability Type: R.

Emoji Answer

  • Champion: Illaoi.

Splash Art Answer

  • Champion: Diana.
  • Splash Art Name: Firecracker.

To answer questions in each category, simply type in the champion’s name. The champion will appear in the dropdown menu; select it and input the champion’s name to submit your answer successfully.

When Do the LoLdle Questions Change?

For avid LoLdle players, it’s important to know when the questions change to keep the game fresh and exciting. The LoLdle daily refresh schedule is as follows:

New Questions: Every day at 11 pm MST, LoLdle introduces a batch of fresh questions. During this daily refresh, all clue categories are updated with a new champion to guess.

This means that if you’re a dedicated LoLdle enthusiast, you can look forward to a brand-new set of challenges and clues to decipher each day at the specified time. It’s an excellent way to keep your League of Legends knowledge sharp and enjoy the game’s variety.

As the questions evolve with each refresh, remember to return to the LoLdle website regularly if you want to stay at the top of your game. Your commitment to conquering the daily challenges will be rewarded with a continuous stream of engaging gameplay.

So, mark your calendar and set your alarm for 11 pm MST to be among the first to tackle the latest LoLdle questions and showcase your League of Legends expertise.

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