LoLdle Answers Today: Classic, Quote, Ability, Emoji, and Splash

LoLdle is a fun little daily game players can take part in that tests their knowledge of the League of Legends series. This daily challenge tasks players with picking the correct champion based on clues using in-game things like their quotes, abilities, emojis, and splash artwork. Sometimes these questions are easy to solve while other times they are more difficult. To help you always come up with the correct choice here’s all the LoLdle answers for today.

What are the LoLdle Answers Today (March 29)

LoLdle game.
LoLdle is an in-browser game you can play daily.

To take part in the LoLdle experience make your way to the official LoLdle website. On this wepbage you will be greeted by the menu shown above. This menu features five selections: Classic, Quote, Ability, Emoji, and Splash Art. Each selection explains the clue you are trying to answer with. The Loldle answers for today are:


A. Morgana.

Quote: ❝ Never look a tulip in the eye… ❞

A. Lulu.

Ability: Body Slam.

A. Gragas (E).


A. Viego.

Splash Art

A. Sion (Blackfrost).

To answer for each category simply type in the Champions name. The Champion will appear in the drop down menu. Select it then input the Champion and submit it to successfully solve the question.

New questions are available for players to try each day at 11pm MST. When the refresh occurs all of the clue categories have a new Champion to guess. This page updates daily to reflect thos changes, so be sure to come back often if you are regularly playing LoLdle.

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