The Next Big Pet Simulator 99 Update Will Release on January 20

Pet Simulator 99 artwork.

The popular pet collecting Roblox experience Pet Simulator 99 will be getting more content on January 20th. The release date of this new update was revealed over the weekend and comes following a switch by developers BIG Games away from releasing weekly updates. For a closer look on what to expect from the January 20th Pet Simulator 99 update, continue reading below.

During the Pet Simulator 99 Update 4 BIG Games announced they were no longer releasing an update every Saturday. Going forward future updates will be worked on until they are ready for release. This change allows the developers to create more interesting and worthwhile updates that players would not be burning through each Saturday.

Pet Simulator 99 January 20 Update 5 Details

The January 20th update marks the first of the new design approach updates (presumably called Update 5). BIG Games hasn’t shared the specifics, but they’ve provided an intriguing list of elements targeted for inclusion in each update.

  • Emphasis of quality over quantity
  • 25+ new areas.
  • New Rebirth
  • Dozens and dozens of pets
  • Several new mechanics
  • 3+ Minigames
  • New Clan contest
  • And more!

So while we don’t get the exact details on what’s in store, we do get a pretty good idea of what to expect January 20th. If BIG Games manages to reach the mark set in this list, there should be a lot of content for players to enjoy in these bigger updates.

As with all updates in Pet Simulator 99 the January 20th update will release on Saturday at 10 AM MT. There is an in-game counter in Spawn you can look at over the fountain that gives the exact countdown. Additionally the title of the game in Roblox also features a day count that is counting down to Saturday.

What do you think will be in the Pet Simulator 99 January 20 Update? Sound off in the comments below.



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