Vampire Survivors Laborratory Update Suprise Drops, Goes AAAA

Artwork for the Vampire Survivors Laborratory update.

Vampire Survivors is the indie game that keeps on giving, and today is no different. In a suprise move developers poncle released a new update for the popular horde survival game called Laborratory. The Vampire Survivors Laborratory update features new content for players to sink their teeth into.

Vampire Survivors Laborratory Update Trailer and Release Details

Earlier today Xbox held an ID@Xbox steaming event. This event featured a look at a number of upcoming game updates and indie titles slated for release on Xbox and PC.

One of the games showcased included a sneak peek by developers poncle. This teaser, which you can see above, announced that update v1.10, known as Laborratory, would launch today on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox & Mobile. It is said to be of “AAAA” quality, so fans best be ready for a high-level Ubisoft gaming experience.

Similar to previous Vampire Survivors updates, the Laborratory update offers a remarkable amount of content for free. In the new update players can unlock a new challenge stage, a bonus stage, a new weapon, and a “holiday-themed” character.

Additionally, players can unlock 7 new extra achievements, each unlocked by unlocking the various unlocks added in the update. So stop reading and get to work completionists.

Alongside the teaser for the Laborratory update, poncle shared a post on Steam detailing some of the other work that is going into Vampire Survivors.

They are still working on the technicals behind online co-op and that is “going well.” Additionally they had planned to release more new Adventures for the base game, but are going to be adding a new feature to the game before they do.

The release timing of Laborratory aligns perfectly for Vampire Survivors fans. With the big Contra x Vampire Survivors crossover DLC, Operation Guns, scheduled for release next week, fans have ample time to prepare for that new adventure.

As this is news, I generally like to avoid gameplay spoilers. If you want help unlocking everything in the new update see our Vampire Survivors Laborratory guide.

Thoughts on the Vampire Survivors Laborratory update? Drop them in the comments below.



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