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Vampire Survivors Operation Guns art.

Vampire Survivors Operation Guns is a DLC expansion players can purchase. This expansion is a crossover event between Vampire Survivors and Contra. The DLC contains new characters to unlock, new weapons to find, and two new stages. To help you unlock everything in the Operation Guns DLC, we’ve put together the guide below. Check it out!

What’s in the Operation Guns DLC

  • 1 large stage and 1 bonus stage
  • 21 new characters
  • 22 new weapons between base versions and evolutions
  • 6 new music tracks
  • 13 music tracks directly from the Contra series and 6 brand new covers
  • A new 6-chapters Adventure

One important note is that there are no new unlockable achievements in the Operation Guns DLC. This design is in-line with what has been done with previous DLC content packs.

Typically, achievements are added to just the base game, in some sort of free update. The last major addition of achievements was in the Laborratory update.

How to Unlock the Operation Guns Stages

Vampire Survivors Operation Guns stages.
The two stages in Operation Guns.

The Operation Guns DLC offers players two unique stages to explore. One is a large, special stage, while the other is a bonus stage.

The first stage, Neo Galuga, is accessible right from the start. The only requirement is that you’ve purchased the DLC and are running game version 1.10. Once these requirements are met, you’ll find Neo Galuga at the bottom of the Stage Selection screen.

Neo Galuga can be played in both Adventure Mode and normal run mode. Within this stage, players can discover the New Galuga Map relic and encounter a coffin containing the character Bill Rizer.

The second stage, Hectic Highway, is initially locked. You can unlock this stage by evolving the C-U-LASER weapon into the Pronto Beam for the first time.

Once you’ve made this evolved weapon, the Heretic Highway stage becomes available to play. Within Hectic Highway, players can locate a coffin containing the character Brad Fang.

How to Unlock the Operation Guns Characters

All characters in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns.
The 12 characters in Operation Guns.

Unlocking the 12 new characters in Operation Guns is an exciting challenge. Each character requires completing specific tasks during your run, such as finding their coffin in a stage or evolving certain weapons. Refer to the table below for detailed instructions on how to unlock all 12 characters.

CharacterHow to Unlock
Bill RizerFind and open the coffin in Neo Galuga*
Lance BeanEvolve the Long Gun
ArianaEvolve the Short Gun
Lucia ZeroEvolve the Spread Shot
Brad FangFind and open the coffin in Hectic Highway*
BrownyEvolve the Fire Arm
Sheena EtrazaniEvolve the Sonic Bloom
ProbotectorFind 14 Barriers**
StanleyFind 21 RapidFires**
Newt PlisskenFind 28 Grenades**
Colonel BahamutDefeat Big Fuzz in Neo Galuga
Simondo BelmontEvolve the Diver Mines

* Coffins appear on your map marked with a ?. Go to the ? and stand on the coffin to free the character inside.

** These are pickups that appear on the map. Should unlock these characters naturally over time.

As you’ve observed, completing various tasks unlocks different characters in this DLC. While most of them are relatively easy to unlock, one in particular may pose some challenges. Check out the next section to locate Big Fuzz.

Defeat Big Fuzz in Neo Galuga

Vampire Survivors Big Fuzz  map location and boss.
Big Fuzz boss fight.

To unlock Colonel Bahamut players need to defeat Big Fuzz in Neo Galuga. To fight Big Fuzz advance through a run until you reach the 27:00 minute mark. At this point you will see a message on your screen saying a strong enemy has appeared in northeast Neo Galuga City.

Go to the ! icon on your map and look for a red circle. Stand in the red circle to trigger the boss fight against Big Fuzz. Defeat Big Fuzz to complete your run and unlock Colonel Bahamut.

All Operation Guns Evolutions

There are a number of weapons and evolutions players can trigger in Operation Guns. These evolutions work similar to ones previously in the series, but with a bit of a wrinkle.

Players can discover a new item called the Weapon Power-Up on the Neo Galuga stage or in the level-up pool. Evolving most of the Operation Guns weapons requires having it along with two other items.

Long GunWeapon Power-UpPrototype A
Short GunWeapon Power-UpBracerPrototype B
Spread ShotWeapon Power-UpEmpty TomePrototype C
C-U-LASERWeapon Power-UpTirajisuPronto Beam
Fire ArmWeapon Power-UpCandlebradorFire-L3GS
Sonic BloomWeapon Power-UpArmorWave Beam
Homing MissWeapon Power-UpDuplicatorMultistage Missiles
Diver MinesWeapon Power-UpAttractorbAtmo-Torpedo
Blade CrossbowWeapon Power-UpCloverBFC2000-AD
Prism LassWeapon Power-UpWingsTime Warp
Metal ClawWeapon Power-UpHollow HeartBig Fuzzy Fist

Completing the evolutions requires finding the needed items, levelling them up, and then opening an evolution chest. Doing this creates the evolved weapon and adds it to you inventory.

Operation Guns Adventure Mode

If you don’t feel like doing runs there is also an Operation Guns Adventure Mode. This story mode contains 6 Chapters to complete. During the chapters you can explore different parts of the Neo Galuga stage.

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