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In Vampire Survivors players start a match by first selecting a character. At the present moment there are a total of 40 characters players can choose from. Before having access to all characters in the game you first need to unlock them all. To help you do this put together the Vampire Survivors character unlocks guide below.

How to Unlock Every Character in Vampire Survivors

NOTE: These are the gameplay methods of unlocking the different characters in the game. See the Spells page for details on using cheats to unlock them instead.

Unlocking characters in Vampire Survivors requires completing specific objectives. These objectives range in difficulty and must be completed before a character is unlocked. Thankfully, by playing the game, you will most likely unlock every main character available currently. The secret characters require a bit more effort. To get all characters including the secret ones consult the tables below.

Standard Characters Unlocks

These are the standard characters you will find in the game. These characters are largely unlocked by completing very basic tasks in the game. Most of the characters listed will unlock as you naturally playthrough the game.

CharacterHow to UnlockStarting Weapon + Buffs
Antonio BelpaeseUnlocked at start.– Whip.
– Attacks deal 10% more damage every 10 levels (max +50%).
Imedla BelpaesePurchase with Gold.– Magic Wand.
– 10% more experience every 5 levels (max +30%).
Pasqualina BelpaesePurchase with Gold.– Runetracer.
– Projectiles get 10% faster every 5 levels (max +30%).
Gennaro BelpaesePurchase with Gold.– Knife.
– Permanent +1 projectile (all weapons).
Arca LadonnaLevel Fire Wand to Level 4 then purchase with Gold. – Fire Wand.
– Weapon cooldown is reduced by 5% every 10 levels (max -15%).
Porta LadonnaLevel Lighting Ring to Level 4 then purchase with Gold. – Lightning Ring.
– Permanent +30% to area. Starts with temporarily reduced cooldown.
Lama LadonnaSurvive 20 minutes with at least +10% Curse then purchase with Gold. – Axe.
– Gains +5% Might, MoveSpeed, and Curse every 10 levels (max +20%).
Poe RatchoLevel Garlic to Level 7 then purchase with Gold. – Garlic.
– Permanent +25% pickup radius and -30 max health.
Suor ClericiRecover a total of 1000 HP then Purchase with Gold. – Santa Water.
– Permanent +0.5 HP/s and +30 Max Health. Starts with temporary area bonus.
DommarioGet 5000 Coins on a single run then purchase with Gold. – Holy Book.
– Permanent +40% duration and speed, -30% move speed.
Krochi FreettoDefeat a total of 100000 enemies then purchase with Gold. – Cross.
– Permanent +20% movespeed.
– Starts with 1 revival. Gains 1 more revival at level 33.
Christine DavainLevel Pentagram to 7 then purchase with Gold. – Pentagram.
– Starts with +1 level.
Pugnala ProvolaOpen the Coffin in Mad Forest then purchase with Gold.– Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight of Sparrows.
– Gains +1% Might every level.
Giovanna GranaFree from the Inlaid Library coffin then purchase with Gold. – Gatti Amari.
– Gains +1% Projectile Speed every level.
Poppea PecorinaOpen the Coffin in Dairy Plant then purchase with Gold. – Song of Mana.
– Gains +1% Duration every level.
Concetta CaciottaOpen the coffin in Gallo Tower then purchase with Gold.– Shadow Pinion.
– Gains +1% Area every level.
MortaccioDefeat 3,000 Skeletons then purchase with Gold. – Bone.
– Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3).
Yatta CavalloDefeat 3,000 Lion Heads then purchase with Gold. – Cherry Bomb.
– Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3).
Bianca RambaDefeat 3,000 Milk Elementals then purchase with Gold.– Carrello.
– Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3).
O’Sole MeeoDefeat 3,000 Dragon Shrimps then purchase with Gold. – Celestial Dusting.
– Get more Projectiles every 20 levels (Max +3).
Sir AmbrojoeKill 6,000 Stage Killers then purchase with Gold. – La Robba.
– Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (Max+.). Starts with temporary Amount bonus.
Iguana Gallo VallettoObtain the Infinite Corridor (evolve Clock Lancet) then purchase with Gold.– Clock Lancet.
– Starts with 1 extra level. Gains +10% Growth every 5 levels (Max +50%).
Divano ThelmaObtain the Crimson Cloak (evolve Laurel) then purchase with Gold.– Laurel.
– Starts with 1 extra level. Gains +1 Armor every 5 levels (max +5).
Zi ‘AssuntaFind coffin in the Cappella Magna then purchase with Gold. – Vento Sacro.
– Gain +0.5% might, projectile speed, duration, and area every level.
Queen SigmaComplete the game’s unlocks collection then purchase for free.– Victory Sword.
She owns everything.
Bat RobbertEvolve the Pako Battiliar– Pako Battiliar
– Recovers 30% Max Health and gains +16 Max Health (Max +400) when health reaches a critically low level.
Space DudeSurvive 20 minutes on Space 56– Phas3r
– May occasionally activate all weapons twice depending on Cooldown
Santa LadonnaSurvive 20 minutes on Laborratory– Santa Javelin
– Starts with temporary cooldown bonus. Triggers a Rosary when health reaches a critically low level. Likes to keep secrets.

Secret Characters Unlocks

Alongside the standard characters listed above there are a number of secret characters players can unlock. As the name suggests, these characters are more well hidden in the game and require very specific methods to unlock. See the table for details on each unlock.

CharacterHow to UnlockStarting Weapon + Buffs
ExdashInput “x-x1viiq” at Main Menu or Character Select screen.

Possible to unlock by collecting Clover Drop. 1/65535 chance.
– Ebony Wings.
– At least they’re lucky. +100% luck.
ToastieDefeat Green Death then input Down (Arrow) + Enter or Down + Start when Toastie ghost appears in bottom right of the screen.– Peachone.
– So much potential (special bonuses at Level 100 + 200).
Smith IVType spam on the main menu > type spam on the character selection screen > type spam on stage selection > type humbug at start of run. – Vandalier.
Random Open a coffin you’ve opened before.– Random.
Boon MarrabbioCollect cakes on Mad Forest and then defeat shade Magician.– Thousand Edge.
Avatar InfernasSummon boss on Inverse Inlaid Library and defeat him. – Flames of Misspell.
– Gains +0.5% Curse, +0.5% Might, +2% MoveSpeed, and -0.25% Cooldown every level
Minnah MannarahFind the cursed cheese on the Dairy Plant.– Bloody Tear.
– Might, projectile speed, duration, area, and cooldown change every minute.
Leda Go down in Gallo Tower until Leda spawns. Defeat to unlock. – Holy Wand.
Cosmo PavoneUse a 0 Golden Egg Character on Cappella Magna. Get both birds and then use the NFT to open the gate leading to Cosmo. Touch Cosmo to unlock. – Peachone and Ebony Wings.
– Gains +1 Recovery and +1% Luck every level. Gains +1 Revival every 100 levels. Has hidden weapons.
PeppinoHeal 10k on plants/trees on Il Molise using O’Sole’s Celestial Dusting.– Soul Eater.
– Starts with temporarily reduced area.
Big TrouserCollect all 16 stage items on Moongolow and raise them to max level.– Candy Box.
– Gains +1% Greed every level.
missingNEnter the edge of the world on Green Acres and defeat 128 eye bats. – Axe.
– Random stats.
Gains BorosStand in the flower circle on the Bone Zone.– Heaven Sword.
– Gains +2% Growth every level.
GyoruntonSurvive to 15 minutes on Boss Rash stage with Max Weapon = 1.– Bracelet.
– Gains +1% Curse every level. Can find evolutions in any Treasure.
Red DeathDefeat Death.– Death Spiral.
– Randomly rolls character stats.
Scorej OniDiscover the source of the roaring thunder on the Tiny Bridge– Gains a hidden Lightning Ring every 8 levels (max 6) that also fires when losing health.
She-MoonSurvive for 20 minutes on Whiteout– Glass Fandango
– Freeze all enemies for 10 seconds when health reaches a critically low level.
Rose De InfernasGo through 46 doors on Astral Stair– Fuwalafuwaloo.
– Increases enemy spawn quantity by 100.
GyoruntinForsake Victory in Favour of Sightseeing in Carlo Cart – No Future
– Starting weapon grows stronger when levelling up. Gains +1% Curse ever level. Ignore walls

DLC Characters Unlocks

There is DLC content for players to purchase and use in Vampire Survivors. These content packs add new things to the game including new levels, weapons, and new characters. The table below highlights how to unlock the different DLC characters in the game.

CharacterHow to UnlockStarting Weapon + Buffs
Miang MoonspellFind and open the coffin on Mount Moonspell– Silver Wind.
– Recovery also multiples all healing sources. Over-healing slightly increases Max Health.
Menya MoonspellEvolve the Silver Wind– Four Seasons.
– Becomes stronger and invincible for a fixed interval after defeating a large amount of enemies.
Syuuto MoonspellEvolve the Four Seasons– Summon Night.
– Starts with hidden Night Sword. Morphs into a stronger version when his base weapon evolves.
Babi-Onna Evolve the Summon Night.– Mirage Robe.
– Ignores weapons cooldown. Weapons fire at a fixed interval when moving.
McCoy-OniEvolve the Mirage Robe– 108 Bocce.
– Area temporarily increases at fixed intervals.
Gav’Et-OniDefeat at total of 6000 Kappas– Mille Bolle Blu.
– Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+4).
Megalo Syuuto MoonspellDefeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Syuuto– Night Sword.
– Gains +1% Might every level.
Megalo Menya MoonspellDefeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Menya– 108 Bocce.
– Cannot be damaged, but disappears after reaching the current Time Limit. Starts with hidden 108 Bocce.
Eleanor UzironFind and open the coffin in Lake Forscari– Spell String.
– Receives SpellStream at Level 10 and SpellStrike at Level 20. Receives Academy Badge at Level 30.
Maruto CutsUnite SpellString, SpellStream, and SpellStrike– Eskizzibur.
– Gains a temporary Armor bonus after getting damaged. Receives Academy Badge at Level 30.
Keitha MuortEvolve the Eskizzibur– Flash Arrow.
– Gains +1% Luck every level. Receives Academy Badge at Level 30.
Luminaire FoscariEvolve the Prismatic Missile– Magic Missile
– Triggers a Rosary when leveling up. Gets a temporary Might, Cooldown, and MoveSpeed bonus after reviving.
Genevieve GruyereWith Maruto, break the Seal of the Banished– Shadow Servant.
– Triggers a Vacuum when levelling up. Once per life, triggers World Eater after receiving fatal damage.
SammyDefeat a total of 6000 Sammies. – Vicious Hunger.
– Gains XP when picking up Gold Coins and Coin Bats. Starts with temporarily reduced might.
Je-Ne-VivDefeat 100,000 enemies in a run with Luminaire.– Shadow Servant.
– It will literally eat the world.
Rottin’ GhoulDefeat a total of 6000 Rotting Ghouls– Party Popper.
– Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max +4).

These are all of the characters in the game currently and how to unlock them. If more are added in the future I will update the guide accordingly. Let me know who your main is in the comments below. Check out our other guides including how to get the Stone Mask and how weapon evolution works.

Thoughts on our Vampire Survivors character unlocks guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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