How to Unlock Christine in Vampire Survivors

Update 0.3.1 of Vampire Survivors has released a new character into the game. The new character is Christine. Christine is a Pentagram wielding character that starts with 1 extra level. If you want to know how to unlock Christine in Vampire Survivors, the guide below will show you the steps required.

Christine Unlock Guide

Image showing the Christine unlock in Vampire Survivors.

Christine is a fairly simple unlock. The achievements in the game give a hint as to what you need to do. To unlock Christine you need to level up the Pentagram to 7 or above. Once you’ve done this in a run, end or complete your run. On the results screen you will see a message that you’ve unlocked Christine (like the screenshot above).

Once Christine is unlocked go to the character selection screen. On this page look for Christine’s shadowy silhouette. Purchase the character to have her fully unlocked. Her notable specs are that she starts with Pentagram and +1 extra level.

Christine is one of multiple characters than has been released during the game’s development. Keep up to date on all of the characters currently in the game and how to unlock them in our Vampire Survivors character list. Here you will find all of the unlock methods for the game’s many characters. The developers have promised more to come.

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