Vampire Survivors Pugnala Character Unlock Guide

Pugnala is a character players can unlock in Vampire Survivors. This character was recently added to the game in the latest update. To unlock this character you need to complete a specific task on the Mad Forest stage. To learn more see our Vampire Survivors Pugnala character unlock guide below.

How to unlock Pugnala Provola

To unlock Pugnala you need to find a coffin on the Mad Forest stage. To do this easily I recommend unlocking the Milky Way Map. This item unlocks the map and the item guide feature. Toggle the guide feature on by pressing start and pushing the Show Guides button during a run. When it is active the coffin is shown as a ? on your map and on the game screen.

Start a run on Mad Forest. Open your map at the start and note where the ? mark is located on it. Head in that direction. Ensure you are levelling up your character as you move, focusing mainly on damage output. Once you reach the ? mark you will be at the coffin. Here you will find a circle of strong skeleton enemies surrounding it.

Defeat all the enemies in the circle. Defeat all of the skeleton enemies around the coffin then stand on the coffin. The character, Pugnala, will jump out and you will see a screen saying your vampire is in another castle. After this screen Pugnala Provola is unlocked.

Complete your run or quit out of the game. Go to the Character Selection screen and purchase Pugnala to unlock her for use. Pugnala Provola starts with the Phiera Der Tuphello and the Eight of Sparrows weapons and gains +1% Might every level.

Pugnala is just one of multiple characters players can unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors character unlock guide to see how to unlock each character in the game.

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