Where to Find the Milky Way Map in Vampire Survivors

Patch 0.3.0 of Vampire Survivors added a new item to the game called the Milky Way Map. This item, when found, unlocks a start screen map for the different stages in the game. This map shows you where to find the different items on each map and is useful to those looking to achievement hunt. Below I show you where to find the Milky Way Map.

Grab the Map on the Dairy Plant Stage

To get the Milky Way Map you need to first unlock the third stage called the Dairy Plant. Once you have this stage unlocked, start a run on it. When you start you run you will see a large green arrow pointing in a direction. Follow this arrow until you reach the Milky Way Map. Run over the map to collect it.

Once the map is unlocked it will automatically apply to your runs. The map unlocks the pause screen map. Alongside this map you can also select to have item icons appear on your HUD. This makes it easier to find the static items on each map. Simply start a run, pause the game, and push the Show Guides button.

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