How to Unlock the Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors got a fairly girthy update today in the form of Patch 0.3.0. This new update features a number of new additions to the popular game including a new map to explore. This new map is called the Dairy Plant. Like previous maps you need to unlock it before you can play on it. Learn how to unlock the Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors below.

Reach Level 40 on the Inlaid Library to Unlock Dairy Plant

To unlock the Dairy Plant map you need to playthrough the Inlaid Library. While playing this map focus on getting your characters level to 40. At this point you can either quite out of your run or finish it off. On the results screen you should see a pop up that shows you unlocked an achievement. Alongside this achievement you also unlock the Dairy Plant. Choose this level from the stage select screen to play it.

The Dairy Plant is the third stage in Vampire Survivors. This stage is unique from the other previous two as it contains the Milky Way Map, which is first level map in the game. It also contains a special coffin that can be opened to unlock the character named Poppea.

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