How to Unlock Poppea in Vampire Survivors

Patch 0.3.0 for Vampire Survivors added a new character for players to unlock. This new character is Poppea. Poppea resides inside of a locked coffin in the Dairy Plant. To learn how to unlock Poppea in Vampire Survivors, see our guide below.

How to Open the Coffin in the Dairy Plant

To unlock the Poppea character in Vampire Survivors first unlock the Dairy Plant stage. The next step I recommend is to grab the Milky Way Map from the stage to unlock the start menu map. Once you’ve completed both of these steps you are ready to unlock Poppea.

On the Dairy Plant stage there is a coffin. This coffin is shown on your map as a ?. Make your way to the ? while levelling up your characters damage (you will need it). Once you reach the coffin a ring of knights appears around it. Defeat all of the knights then stand on the coffin. You will see the image image shown above. This unlocks Poppea and her achievement.

Once Poppea is unlocked go to the character selection screen and purchase her. She is interesting as she starts with the Song of Mana weapon. Poppea also has an interesting passive which is that she gains +1% duration every level.

Poppea is just one of multiple characters players can unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors character unlock guide to see how to unlock each character in the game.

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