How to Unlock Space 54 in Vampire Survivors

A screenshot of the spawn area of the Space 24 stage in Vampire Survivors.

In the Vampire Survivors 1.9 update there is a map stage players can unlock called Space 54. This stage is the fourth Bonus Stage in the game and it takes players to the edge of space and time. Like other bonus stages in the game players need to complete a specific challenge to unlock it. The guide below walks you through how to unlock Space 54 in Vampire Survivors.

Where to Find 5 Golden Fingers

To unlock the Space 54 stage in Vampire Survivors, players must find 5 Golden Fingers. Gold Fingers are a new consumable item that rarely drops from light sources. Initially, they are found in the Astral Stair stage, but become available on other stages after acquiring the Trisection item, which allows players to activate random events on each stage.

Vampire Survivors Astral Stair Golden Finger spawns map location.
There are 5 Golden Finger spawns on Astral Stair.

The easiest way to acquire the 5 Gold Fingers needed to unlock Space 54 is to traverse the Astral Stair stage. Ensure you have the Astral Stair map (or use the one provided above). Open the map when you start and head to the various Gold Finger spawns marked on it using the secret doors on the level. You can collect all 5 in one run or collect a total of 5 of them over the course of multiple runs.

If you prefer not to use this method, you can search for Golden Fingers on stages with numerous light sources. This would meaning running through Inlaid Library and destroying lights until you collect enough. Although more time-consuming, this serves as an alternative method available to players.

Space 54 Unlocked & Stage Details

Regardless of your approach, the Space 54 stage unlocks upon collecting the 5th Golden Finger. Once you’ve reached this milestone, you can either quit or complete your current run. On the Results screen, you will receive a prompt indicating that you’ve unlocked a new achievement called EXTRA: Space 54 and the stage itself.

To play the newly unlocked stage make your way to the Stage Selection screen. On this screen look for the ! icon which will be on the stage itself to show you it is new.

Stage 54 Details

Description: The 54th ritual is complete, and space itself has folded under the weight of an otherworldly will. This veil between cosmic planes is dimensionally misaligned, phasing in unlikely friends, nightmarish foes, and a curio of immense chaotic potential.”

Alongside the new stage items there are to unlock players can also unlock a new Stage specific character called Space Dude. This character is a little spaceman that starts with the Phas3r weapon.

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