Where to Find the Brave Story in Vampire Survivors

The collection page entry for the Vampire Survivors Brave Story Relic.

In Vampire Survivors update 1.9’s new stage, Space 54, there is a new Relic players can unlock called the Brave Story. To unlock the Brave Story players must complete a find the relic on Space 54 at a certain time. To learn where to find the Brave Story in Vampire Survivors, see our guide below.

Find the Brave Story at Minute 18 in Space 54

Map and location of the Brave Story relic in Vampire Survivors.
The Brave Story is located north of spawn at this location.

To acquire the Relic on Space 54, players need to find the Brave Story at minute 18 in the stage. To achieve this, I recommend remaining around the stage’s spawning area until those 18 minutes elapse. Once you reach the 18-minute mark, a green arrow will appear at the top of your screen, pointing north. Follow this green arrow to the map location shown in the screenshot above. At this location, you will find the Brave Story. Pick it up to unlocks its ability add it to your collection.

What Does the Brave Story Do in Vampire Survivors

After acquiring the Brave Story, you may wonder what it does. According to the in-game description, this item “Allows to enable random level up choices.” Essentially, it adds a Random LevelUp option on the Stage Selection screen that players can toggle on and off. When this Relic is toggled on, leveling is done randomly, including on items not owned, instead of allowing selection by the player.

This is not the only new item that was added to the game in update 1.9. There is a new weapon players can find called the Phas3r, two new characters to unlock, and a number of new achievements to earn.

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