Vampire Survivors Banish 20 Items in a Single Run

Vampire Survivors Sigma and Menya.

The Vampire Survivors banish 20 items in a single run unlock challenge can be one of the harder challenges to complete in the game. This challenge requires having access to characters that have the ability to banish enough items in a single run. To help you identify these characters and how to complete this unlock challenge we’ve put together the guide below.

Who to Use to Banish 20 Items in a Single Run

There are a few characters you can use to complete this unlock challenge. Two are available in the base game while one is a DLC character from Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. All three characters have enough Banishes to complete this challenge without having used any Golden Eggs on them.

The first characters is the easiest to get and use. This character is Divano Thelma. Divano is from the base game and can be unlocked fairly easily. With the Banish PowerUp maxed Divano gets exactly 20 Banishes to use in a run.

The second character you can use for this challenge is Queen Sigma. Queen Sigma is a secret character who unlocks upon completion of the entire game’s collection. What’s useful about this character is that she starts with 108 Banishes you can use in a run.

The third character I will highlight for this challenge is Menya from the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Like Sigma, Menya starts with a whopping 108 Banishes as well.

If you don’t want to use any of the above mentioned characters you can also use a Golden Egg’d character that has their Banish at 20 or higher. This allows you to complete the challenge using whoever you’d like, but they will need to have Golden Egged up their stats to use them.

Completing the banish 20 Items in a single run challenge unlocks the Seal II PowerUp. This PowerUp allows you to Banish an item from level up choices, or a pickup from light sources via the Collection menu.

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