Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell Characters Unlocks Guide

Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell characters.

The first major piece of DLC content is out for Vampire Survivors. This content is a DLC expansion called Legacy of Moonspell. The pack features a new level to explore, new weapons to find and use, and new characters to unlock. In total there are 8 new characters players can unlock in the DLC. To unlock them all see our Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell characters unlocks guide below.

Legacy of Moonspell DLC Legit Character Unlock Methods

The Legacy of Moonspell DLC features 8 characters that players can unlock in it. Like the base game there is a legit way to unlock each character while also having cheat codes you can use as well. The legit unlock methods are listed in the table below alongside the starting weapons and buffs for each character. Click the links for more detailed guides on each unlock.

CharacterHow to UnlockStarting Weapon + Buffs
Miang MoonspellFind and open the coffin on Mount Moonspell.– Silver Wind.
– Recovery also multiples all healing sources. Over-healing slightly increases Max Health.
Menya MoonspellEvolve the Silver Wind.– Four Seasons.
– Becomes stronger and invincible for a fixed interval after defeating a large amount of enemies.
Syuuto MoonspellEvolve the Four Seasons.– Summon Night.
– Starts with hidden Night Sword. Morphs into a stronger version when his base weapon evolves.
Babi-Onna Evolve the Summon Night. – Mirage Robe.
– Ignores weapons cooldown. Weapons fire at a fixed interval when moving.
McCoy-OniEvolve the Mirage Robe.– 108 Bocce.
– Area temporarily increases at fixed intervals.
Gav’Et-OniDefeat at total of 6000 Kappas. – Mille Bolle Blu.
– Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+4).
Megalo Syuuto MoonspellDefeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Syuuto.– Night Sword.
– Gains +1% Might every level.
Megalo Menya MoonspellDefeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Menya. – 108 Bocce.
– Cannot be damaged, but disappears after reaching the current Time Limit. Starts with hidden 108 Bocce.

Legacy of Moonspell DLC Character Unlock Cheat Codes

Vampire Survivors Cast Spells/Secrets screen.
Cast Spells to unlock characters.

If you don’t feel like doing all of the work mentioned above to get the different characters, there are cheats you can use to unlock them instead. These cheats are inputted on the Secret Screen under Spells (unlocked with the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane). Simply put in the text to unlock the different characters from the table below.

CharacterSpell/Cheat Code
Miang MoonspellShounenHeroine
Menya MoonspellYoungAtHeart
Syuuto MoonspellItsNotAnEclipse
Babi-Onna Vogue
Megalo Menya MoonspellElamadonna
Megalo Syuuto MoonspellTakeAShower

All of the Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell characters come with new starting weapons. These new weapons have their own, new, evolutions for players to discover. There are a number of achievements tied to uncovering the characters, weapons, and weapon evolutions in the DLC content.

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