How to Unlock Miang Moonspell in Vampire Survivors

The first major DLC pack for Vampire Survivors has been released. This pack adds a new level to the game alongside new weapons and a cast of new characters. The first character you are able to unlock in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell is Miang Moonspell. To learn how to unlock Miang Moonspell in Vampire Survivors, see our guide below.

Where to Find the Coffin in Mount Moonspell Stage

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the DLC content, login to the game. On the Main Menu go to the unlocks tab and look for the hint that says “Find and open the coffin in Mt. Moonspell.” This hint tells you how to unlock this character in the game.

When ready to proceed start up a run on the Mount Moonspell stage. From the spawn point walk to the right until you reach a dirt path. Take the dirt path up. Go up until you reach a building. Enter the building and follow the path through it until you reach the coffin. Defeat the spider enemy that appears then stand on top of the coffin to open it. You will see a text box appear telling you that Miang is now unlocked.

Once you’ve opened the coffin you will unlock Miang. Complete your run or quit out. Navigate to the Character Selection screen and purchase Miang with gold to fully unlock her for use. A full video of unlocking her can be found on the HTR YouTube channel.

Miang Moonspell Starting Weapon and Passive

Miang Moonspell on Character Selection screen.

The purchase price of Miang Moonspell is 4900 Gold. Miang starts a run with the starting weapon called the Silver Wind. This staff launches projectiles. It can be evolved into Festive Winds with the Pummarola.

Alongside the starting weapon Miang Moonspell starts with a special passive that does the following “recovery also multiples all healing sources. Over-healing slightly increases Max Health.” Her starting stats (without any buffs) are:

  • Max Health: 120.
  • Recovery: 1.0.
  • Move Speed: +20%.

Miang Moonspell is one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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