How to Unlock Gav’Et-Oni in Vampire Survivors

Gav'Et-Oni Vampire Survivors.

In the first DLC for Vampire Survivors there are 8 new characters players can unlock. 5 of these characters require unlocking them in order while the last 3 are more hidden unlocks. 1 of the 3 more hidden characters is Gav’Et-Oni. This character is unlocked by completing a very specific task on Mount Moonspell. To learn how to unlock Gav’Et-Oni in Vampire Survivors, see our guide below.

Defeat a Total of 6000 Kappa

To unlock Gav’Et-Oni you need to kill a specific enemy on the Mount Moonspell stage. This specific enemy is the Kappa. The Kappa enemy type spawns only in a certain area, meaning you need to go to this location to farm the enemy to unlock this character. The location of the Kappa enemy type is northwest near the Silver Ring. At this location on the stage you will find a Frozen Lake. Stand on the Frozen Lake and Kappa enemies will spawn.

Defeat 6000 Kappa achievement Vampire Survivors.
Defeat 6000 Kappa achievement.

How you want to go about defeating a total of 600 Kappa enemies is largely up to you. You can defeat them over a number of runs or focus on doing them in a single run. If you opt for the latter approach, a good method is to use Menya Moonspell with one weapon and Limit Break. Level up and evolve Four Seasons to Godai Shuffle then Limit Break it. This makes defeating the enemies fairly simple in a single run. The screenshot above shows my build to successfully defeat them in a single run.

Gav’Et-Oni Starting Weapon and Passive

The purchase price of Gav’Et-Oni is 2,750 Gold. Gav’Et-Oni starts a run with the starting weapon called the Mille Bolle Blu. This weapon shoots out lingering projectiles that damage enemies that it hits or that run into them. This weapon can be evolved by reaching +8 on it and having +8 Spellbinder.

Alongside the starting weapon Gav’Et-Oni starts with a special passive that does the following “Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+4).” This character’s starting stats (without any buffs) are:

  • Max Health: 100.
  • Move Speed: +20%.

Gav’Et-Oni is one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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