How to Unlock Babi-Onna in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock Babi-Onna in Vampire Survivors.

The first major DLC pack for Vampire Survivors has been released. This pack adds a new level to the game alongside new weapons and a cast of new characters. The fourth character you are able to unlock in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell is Babi-Onna. To learn how to unlock Babi-Onna in Vampire Survivors, see our guide below.

Evolve the Summon Night into the Echo Night

Echo Night evolution Vampire Survivors.
Evolve into the Echo Night.

Unlocking the Babi-Onna character is a fairly simple process. First you need to unlock Syuuto Moonspell. Once you’ve done this do a run with him. During this run you want to evolve his starting weapon, the Summon Night. To evolve the Summon Night you need to level it to +8 then combine it with Duplicator. At this point open a chest to trigger the weapon evolution to get the Echo Night.

If you don’t want to do the run with Syuuto Moonspell, you need to at least survive 15 minutes with him on any stage. This adds the Summon Night item to the game’s weapon pool. You can then do any run with a character but be sure you pick the Summon Night to use.

Once you’ve evolved the Summon Night into the Echo Night you can either complete the run or quit. You will unlock Babi-Onna on the Character Selection screen. Purchase the character to add them to your roster.

Babi-Onna Starting Weapon and Passive

The purchase price of Babi-Onna is 26,000 Gold. Babi-Onna starts a run with the starting weapon called the Mirage Robe. This weapon creates shadow clones of Babi-Onna where she previously was. These clowns deal damage to enemies that come near them. It can be evolved into the Echo Night by evolving it with the Attractorb.

Alongside the starting weapon Babi-Onna starts with a special passive that does the following “Ignores weapons cooldown. Weapons fire at a fixed interval when moving.” Her starting stats (without any buffs) are:

  • Max Health: 100.
  • Reroll: +10.

Babi-Onna is one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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