How to Unlock Concetta in Vampire Survivors

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A new character has been added to Vampire Survivors in update 0.5.2. This new character is called Concetta who wields a badass guitar to slay enemies with. Like other characters in the game you need to unlock Concetta before you can play with here. Learn how to unlock Concetta in Vampire Survivors below.

Find and Open the Coffin in the Gallo Tower

The new character, Concetta, is located in the coffin on the Gallo Tower stage. Like other coffin characters you need to find the coffin, destroy the enemies encircling it, then stand on it to free the character inside. One caveat to this method is finding the coffin on Gallo Tower itself.

Traditionally you would find the coffin in a stage by go to the ? mark on your map (if using the Milky Way Map relic). This method doesn’t work for the Gallo Tower coffin. While there is a ? mark on upper portion of the Gallo Tower map, attempting to reach it is futile. This is because you need to use a mirror to warp to the coffin location. This mirror is thankfully near to the ?.

Make your way up the stage until the ? on your map is to your right. At this point go to the left side of the stage. Look for a magic glowing mirror along the wall. Walk through the mirror to be teleported to the coffin room. Defeat the knights guarding the coffin and stand on it to free Concetta. End your game or finish your run. Go to the character selection screen and purchase Concetta to fully unlock her.

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