Vampire Survivors Avatar Infernas Unlock Guide

Vampire Survivors has been officially released out of early access. The release marks the completion of the game’s official roadmap. As part of the full release the developers behind the game have added a few final additions to the game. One of the new additions is a secret character named Avatar Infernas. To learn how to unlock the Vampire Survivors Avatar Infernas secret character, see our guide below.

IMPORTANT: There are two ways you can go about unlocking Avatar Infernas. The first way is through gameplay (which I detail below). This means completing a special task in-game that eventually unlocks the character. The second method is by inputting the Spell “kalvasflam once you have the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. The latter method is very easy to do while the gameplay method is much more difficult.

Avatar Infernas Unlock Hint

Image showing the Avatar Infernas Secret Character unlock hint in Vampire Survivors.
This hint for the Avatar Infernas unlock.

When you are able to unlock the Avatar Infernas secret character you will see a hint on the Secrets screen telling you how to unlock the character. The Avatar Infernas unlock hint is as follows:

“It is intangible only in the inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.”

While it is a hint, it’s somewhat convoluted and requires knowledge of a previous unlock. With that said, the steps below walk you the solution to the unlock hint.

Complete the Eudaimonia Machine Secret Stage by Defeating The Director Boss

Image showing The Director boss in Vampire Survivors.
Defeat The Director Boss to beat Eudaimonia Machine.

Before you can actually dive into the unlock process you need to first ensure that you’ve completed the new Hidden Stage added in Vampire Survivors v1.0. This Hidden Stage is Eudaimonia Machine. To unlock this stage you need to have collected all 11 Relics from the different stages in the game. Once you’ve collected all of the Relics you will see Eudaimonia Machine at the stop of the Stage Select screen.

When Eudaimonia Machine is available to you, do a run of it. Walk up and speak to the mysterious figure in the stage. Select either the Gracia’s Mirror or Seventh Trumpet Relic from him. Both Relics unlock different game modes: Gracia’s Mirro (Inverse) and Seventh Trumpet Relic (Endless). Select whichever.

Upon making your selection you are booted to the main screen. Do a run with the game mode activated by the Relic you selected. Quit out and go back to Eudaimonia Machine. Speak to the figure and take the other Relic. Do a run with the game mode activated by that Relic. Quit out and return to Eudaimonia Machine one final time.

On the third, and final time, speak to the figure once more. The figure will challenge you to a fight. This fight is against the boss named The Director. Defeat The Director to officially “beat the game” and unlock the Greatest Jubilee weapon. You also unlock the ability to unlock Avatar Infernas.

Find and Defeat Avatar Infernas on Inlaid Library

The next step in the unlock process is to do a run on Inlaid Library with Inverse mode active. Once the run starts you need to acquire both the Peach One and Ebony Wings weapons. This can be done fairly easily by starting with Exdash or Toastie. Once you have both of these weapons you can advance to the next step in reaching the boss fight with Avatar Infernas.

Take both the Peach One and Ebony Wings weapons go to the right of spawn. Head past the Gold Ring to the map location shown above. Here you will encounter a piano by which The Trickster spawns. Defeat The Trickster and interact with the piano. Both birds will show you a song to play on the piano. The song’s keys are D A A# G C#. Highlight the keys and play them. Once the song is played correctly the stage changes.

In the transformed stage there are 9 coffins scattered in a 3×3 grid. Walk around to the different coffins and stand on them until you find the one that has Avatar Infernas inside it. When you find Avatar Infernas this triggers the boss fight. Defeat Avatar Infernas to unlock him on your character selection screen. Once you’ve unlocked Avatar Infernas Grey Death will kill you and end your run.

Avatar Infernas Starting Weapon and Passive

Image showing the Vampire Survivors Avatar Infernas secret character.

The purchase price of Avatar Infernas is 666 Gold (scales up as you purchase other characters). Avatar Infernas starts the game with a new weapon called the Flames of Misspell. This weapon can be evolved into the Ashes of Muspell by reaching the max level with the Torrona’s Box.

Alongside the starting weapon Avatar Infernas starts with the Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire which causes him to gains +0.5% Curse, +0.5% Might, +2% MoveSpeed, and -0.25% Cooldown every level. He also starts with the following base stats:

  • Max Health: +60.
  • Might: +50%.
  • Luck: +50%.
  • Magnet: +100%.
  • Revival: +1.
  • Reroll +1.

Avatar Infernasis one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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