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Vampire Survivors update 0.5 added new unlocks players can earn called Arcana to which they’ve been adding more each update. These cards alter your runs when equipped, making them either easier, harder, or more unique. There a total of 21 Arcanas to unlock. To unlock these Arcanas cards you need to complete specific challenges or input cheats. Consult the Vampire Survivors Arcanas unlocks list below for more details on both methods.

Item Needed to Start Unlocking Arcanas

Image showing the Randomazzo relic in Vampire Survivors.
Finding the Randomazzo Relic.

Before you can start unlocking Arcanas you need to first unlock the Randomazzo item. This Relic can be found on the fourth stage called Gallo Tower. On this stage make your way up until you eventually find the Relic. You need to catch it as it moves around a bit. Once you’ve grabbed it you unlock the Randomazzo mechanic and the first Arcanas called Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing.

How to Unlock Arcanas

Upon getting the Randomazzo you will unlock the ability to earn more Arcanas to during a run. Each Arcanas effects the game differently when they are equipped. To unlock different Arcanas you need to complete specific challenges in the game. These challenges are located on the Unlocks page. The Unlock specifics for each are found in the table below.

Arcanas Gameplay Unlock Requirements

0Game Killer.Defeat the boss in Cappella Magna.
IGemini.Reach level 50 with Pugnala.
IITwilight Requiem.Reach level 50 with Dommario.
IIITragic Princess.Reach level 50 with Porta.
IVAwake. Reach level 50 with Krochi.
VChaos in the Dark Knight. Reach level 50 with Giovanna.
VISarabande of Healing. Find the Randomazzo.
VIIIron Blue Will.Reach level 50 with Gennaro.
VIIIMad Groove. Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest.
IXDivine Bloodline.Reach level 50 with Clerici.
XBeginning.Reach level 50 with Antonio.
XIWaltz of Pearls.Reach level 50 with Imelda.
XIIOut of Bounds.Reach 31 minutes in Gallo Tower.
XIIIWicked Season.Reach level 50 with Christine.
XIVJail of Crystal.Reach level 50 with Pasqualina.
XVDisco of Gold. Reach minute 31 of Inlaid Library.
XVISlash.Reach level 50 with Lama.
XVIILost & Found Painting. Reach level 50 with Poppea.
XVIIIBoogaloo of Illusions.Reach level 50 with Concetta.
XIXHeart of Fire. Reach level 50 with Arca.
XXSilent Old Sanctuary.Reach minute 31 in the Dairy Plant.
XXIBlood Astronomia.Reach level 50 with Poe.

Each time you complete a challenge listed above you will unlock that Arcanas. You can then use the newly unlocked Arcanas on your next run. Keep in mind that each Arcanas has an achievement attached to its unlock so you will need to unlock them all if you are trying to 100% the game.

Arcanas Spells (Input Cheats to Unlock)

Image showing where to input Cheats in Vampire Survivors.
You can Cast Spells/Cheats on the Secrets page.

If you don’t want to go to the hassle of doing every challenge listed above, there is a gameplay mechanic that can help you. There is a Relic players can find in the Bone Zone called the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. Once this Relic is acquired players can input codes to unlock different parts of the game. The list below features all of the Arcanas Spells you can enter to unlock each one.

Spell (Cheat)Unlock(s)
randomazzamiRandomazzo + Sarabande of Healing.
ilmattoGame Killer.
lapapessaTwilight Requiem.
limperatriceTragic Princess.
ilpapaChaos in the Dark Night.
ilcarroIron Blue Will.
laforzaMad Groove.
lagiustiziaWalts of Pearl.
lappesoOut of Bounds.
lamorteWicked Season.
latemperanzaJail of Crystal.
ildiavoloDisco of Gold.
lastellaLost & Found Painting.
lalunaBoogaloo of Illusions.
ilsoleHeart of Fire.
ilgiudizioSilent Old Sanctuary.
leremitaDivine Bloodline.

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