How to Unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors

The Reddit Vampire Survivors community has been hard at work uncovering the different secrets in the game. One of the more interesting secrets that has been recently discovered is a 9th character. This 9th character is Death itself and is called MissingNo. To learn how to unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors see our guide below.

What to Do to Unlock MissingNo

Image showing killing Death in Vampire Survivors.
Death can be killed.

Unlocking MissingNo is a bit of a process. Getting the character for yourself requires editing some game files so you can unlock the character. The process is simple, but it does require altering game files. What we need to do is increase the damage output on any damage item. For ease of use I will be doing Garlic:

  1. Browse local game files.
  2. Follow path Vampire Survivors > resources > app > .webpack > renderer > main.bundle.
  3. The file to edit is main.bundle.
  4. Use simple text editor like Notepad ++.
  5. Edit Garlic variable named ‘power.’
  6. Put Power to 100000+.
  7. Start game.
  8. Do a run with Poe.
  9. Complete run.
  10. Kill death at the end.
  11. Purchase MissingNo from Character Selection screen.
  12. Revert code back.

If this is a bit confusing this video by McQueeb does a good job of showing you the process. The most important thing is to raise damage to an insane number so you can kill death at the end of a run.

Image showing the MissingNo character in Vampire Survivors.

Once death is dead your game will bug out. This is normal and expected. Exit the the run and go to the Character Selection screen. Here you will find a new character named MissingNo.

MissingNo is death. The character is a hooded axe wielding character. MissingNo is a reference to Pokemon. This character starts with an axe its stats are random. Some of the stat rolls are bizarre, which makes each run unique.

Thoughts on our how to unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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