How to Unlock the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors

Update 0.6.1 is out in the wild for Vampire Survivors and with it comes a number of blatant but also hidden additions to the game. One of the secret additions to the game is a Relic called the Yellow Sign. This new Relic is well hidden inside of the new stage called the Moongolow level. The guide below walks you through how to unlock the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors.

Fight the Moongolow Hidden Boss

Image showing the Moongolow hidden boss in Vampire Survivors.

The first step in reaching the secret level where the Yellow Sign Relic resides is to face off against the Moongolow secret boss. To encounter this boss you need to complete a run using a non-secret character. At this point you should see the stage turn red. A new boss will appear alongside the three cloaks. Defeat this boss and you will be teleported to a new map. This new map is called the Holy Forbidden and it is a secret area you must complete to reach the Yellow Sign.

Complete the Holy Forbidden Section

Image showing the Hidden Grounds in Moongolow in Vampire Survivors.

This map is a bit different from the ones you are use to up to this point in Vampire Survivors. Instead of surviving you need to reach a destination. This destination is to the right. Run through the level until you reach the very end and pick up the cross there to destroy all the enemies on the screen. Once they are clear head to the right and grab the Yellow Sign from off the ground.

What Does the Yellow Sign Do?

The Yellow Sign is a hidden Relic that unlocks new hidden items when found. When you pick up this Relic you will learn that it “Permanently allows to detect hidden items in all stages.” These hidden items include the Silver Ring, the Gold Ring, and the Metaglio (left + right). These passive items offer additional bonuses to players that collect them.

Video Guide

If you want to see the unlock in action we’ve put together a short video showing the run to get the Yellow Sign. This video is located on Hold To Reset’s YouTube page be sure to throw us a like and subscribe!

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