How to Unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors

The developers of Vampire Survivors like to pepper their game with secrets. Recently they released a new update that contains two new secret characters players can unlock. One of these characters is called Leda. Learn how to unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors below.

What to Do to Unlock Leda

Unlocking the character of Leda in Vampire Survivors is fairly simple. To start make your way to the fourth stage in the game called Gallo Tower. On this stage make your way down towards the bottom of the screen. Continue heading down through the level and the screen will eventually begin to darken and eerie music will play. Keep going and eventually Leda spawn in.

Leda is a large character who is very tanky, so you want to be focusing on damage and leveling up as you make your way down through the level. After Leda spawns in you need to defeat them. Once you defeat Leda you can either finish up the run or quit out. Leda will then appear on your Character Selection screen in the bottom right hand corner. They are automatically unlocked, so no need to spend gold. Leda starts with the evolved form of Magic Wand, the Holy Wand, and has very high attack speed and cooldown.

This character is one of many characters players can unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors character list for details on each how to unlock each of the characters in the game.

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