How to Unlock Random in Vampire Survivors

A new, small update, for Vampire Survivors has been released as we edge our way closer to the full release. This small update brings a number of quality of life additions to the game alongside a few bug tweaks. Alongside the additions and tweaks the developers added a new character to unlock called Random. Use our how to unlock Random in Vampire Survivors guide below to unlock this new character.

Open a Coffin You’ve Opened Before

Unlocking Random is a fairly simple process to complete. To unlock this character you need to find and open a coffin you’ve previously opened once before. To do this for myself I ran Inlaid Library a second time and ran to the coffin on the right-side. At the coffin defeat the enemies around it and stand on it to free Random. Note there is no screen for the character unlock here, instead you will hear the classic secret character unlock jingle. Finish your run or exit out of it. Go to the Character Selection screen and purchase Random using Gold.

Random Starting Weapon & Passive

Image showing the Random character in Vampire Survivors.

Random is a character built around randomness. This means the character starts with a random starting weapon. It also pulls from a set of randomized names, so each run of the character will have a different name when you start. This also impacts how your character’s stats grow over the course of the run. Besides this random element the characters starting stats are:

  • Max Health: 100.

Random is one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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