How to Unlock Zi in Vampire Survivors

An update to Vampire Survivors has been released and with it comes a new character to unlock. This new character is called Zi ‘Assunta. Zi is unlocked by finding a coffin in the Cappella Magna stage. To learn how to unlock this new character here’s a complete how to unlock Zi in Vampire Survivors.

Where to Find the Coffin in Cappella Magna

Stage 5 in Vampire Survivors is Cappella Magna. To find the coffin use the Milky Way Map item to highlight the items on the in-game map. Open the map and look for the ? mark. This is the coffin. The coffin is located down from the starting spawn. Make your way to the coffin and level up as you go to ensure you have enough damage. Once at the coffin clear out the enemies circling it. Stand on top of the coffin and wait. After a few seconds the coffin will open. Out of the coffin will jump a character. This character is Zi ‘Assunta.

After you’ve unlocked Zi ‘Assunta you can either quit out of the run or complete it. Navigate through the main menu to the Character Select screen. On this screen scroll down and look for a shadowy Zi ‘Assunta. Use Gold to purchase this character. This permanently unlocks Zi for use.

Zi ‘Assunta starts with a new weapon called the Vento Sacro. This weapon is like a short whip. Alongside this new weapon Zi has a passive that gains +0.5% might, projectile speed, duration, and area every level.

Zi is just one of multiple characters that players can unlock in the game. Our Vampire Survivors character unlock guide features a table showing all of the steps required to unlock the different characters in the game.

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