How to Unlock Exdash in Vampire Survivors

Secret character Exdash on the Character Selection screen in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is an indie hit gaining popularity on Steam. This game may seem simple, but it’s highly addictive. Your goal? Survive hordes of enemies for 30 minutes. While the concept is straightforward, there are plenty of interesting additions, including various secrets. One such secret is a hidden character named Exdash Exiviiq. If you’re curious about how to unlock Exdash in Vampire Survivors, this guide has you covered.

Method 1: Cast The Exdash Spell

Hint: ““Cast the spell x-x1viiq.”

The first method of unlock Exdash is to input a Spell in two different places. First, you can cast the Spell by “typing” on the Main Menu. To do this quickly type out the code x-x1viiq on the Main Menu screen.

The second options is to input x-x1viiq as a Spell in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. This method requires unlocking the scroll to unlock the Secrets screen which allows you to input Spells.

If you go with either of these options you can easily unlock Exdash without having to put in a ton of work. This makes this method much simpler and less rng than the alternative.

Method 2: Pick Up Little Clovers Until You Get Lucky

If you prefer not to input a code and want to unlock Exdash more naturally, there’s another option for you. This second unlock method simply involves playing the game and getting lucky.

To use this method, focus on collecting Little Clover item pickups. Each time you pick up one of these items, a formula TotalCollected/65535 is triggered.

This formula keeps track of the Little Clovers collected in your game file and gives you that chance of randomly unlocking Exdash each time you pick up the item. As you play and collect Little Clover, the number increases, improving your chance of unlocking Exdash naturally.

Regardless of the method you choose, inputting the code or waiting to get lucky with Little Clvoer pickups, will unlock the character of Exdash for use. You will find him located on the Character Selection screen.

Exdash is just one of several characters players can unlock in Vampire Survivors. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to unlock all the characters in Vampire Survivors. Be sure to give it a look!

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