How to Unlock Exdash in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an indie hit players are enjoying on Steam. This indie hit is fairly simple, but highly addictive, as you must survive hordes of enemies for 30 minutes. While this concept is simple, there are a number of interesting additions to the game including a variety of secrets. One secret you can find is a hidden character. Learn how to unlock Exdash in Vampire Survivors below.

How to Get the Hidden Character

Information for this guide was taken from Steam user киви. киви created a guide to how to unlock the hidden character. Getting the character is fairly simple. Load up the game and make your way to the Character Selection screen. On this screen quickly type in the following code x-x1viiq. If done successfully you will hear a sound. Back out to the main screen then access the Character Selection screen again. You will see a new character on the bottom called Exdash.

Exdash has a character description that is “at least they’re lucky.” This character starts with the item called the Ebony Wings. Ebony Wings orbits the player and shoots out randomly at enemies. The character of Exdash is an ethereal ghost in design. Once you’ve unlocked it once you will have access to it from then on.

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