How to Unlock missingN in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock missingN in Vampire Survivors guide

In Vampire Survivors there are a number of hidden characters for players to find. These characters require completing specific things in the game that would be considered secret in nature. One of the most hidden characters has been missingN. Originally missingN was acquired by altering game codes to kill Death. Now, thanks to patch 0.11.302, players can unlock it legit. See our how to unlock missingN in Vampire Survivors guide below for details.

MissingN Legit Unlock Method (Green Acres)

The secret hint tied to the missingN unlock says the following: “with the most adverse fate in Green Acres, run off the edge of the world.” This isn’t much of a hint, but it does set you in the right direction. To unlock missingN for yourself follow these steps (found by Bwesh on the game’s official Discord):

  1. Have unlocked the Yellow Sign relic.
  2. Do a run of Green Acres with Hyper and Hurry enabled.
  3. Head south 18 tilsets and then west 18 tilesets.
  4. The map will start to change.
  5. Kill 128 winged giant eyes.
  6. Buy missingN from character screen.

The video above shows me doing the entire run to unlock missingN. You can do the requirement of killing the 128 winged giant eyes over multiple attempts. Once you’ve defeated the required amount then missingN will be available for purchase on the Character Selection screen.

MissingN Starting Weapon & Passive

The MissingN character is an homage to the Pokemon MissingNo. This character has a strange look to it. It appears as a sort of scrambled death. It starts with either the Axe or Death Spiral weapons (50% chance of either). Alongside the random starting weapon the characters stats are randomized each run.

MissingN is one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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