What’s New in Vampire Survivors 0.11.032

It’s an end of an era for Vampire Survivors. The game is very, very close to being complete and that means no more big updates. One of the last updates to hit the game is v0.11.032. This patch was smaller with, with only a few major additions to the game. If you are wondering what’s new in Vampire Survivors 0.11.032, we’ve got you covered. See the details of the patch below.

New/Returning Character Unlock: missingN

missingN character in Vampire Survivors.
missingN is back!

During the early life of Vampire Survivors there was a character named missingN you could unlock by editing game files. This method, while unintended, allowed players to kill death and unlock the character that is an homage to Pokemon’s MissingNo. This method of unlocking missingN was removed, so the character was harder to get. Now, thanks to 0.11.032, players can unlock missingN using a legitimate in-game. Our missingN unlock guide shows you how!

The Final Arcanas: XXI – Blood Astronomia

Image showing the Arcanas XXI in Vampire Survivors.
XXI – Blood Astronomia.

There are 22 Arcanas in Vampire Survivors for players to unlock. Up to this patch 21 of them were in the game. Now, the final arcanas is available to unlock. To unlock XXI – Blood Astronomia reach Level 99 with Poe in a single run. When you reach this mark with Poe you will unlock this Arcanas that does the following:

“Listed weapons also emit special damaging zones affected by Amount and Magnet. Enemies within Magnet range take damage based on Amount.”

Alongside the addition of the new Arcanas is a corresponding new achievement to unlock. The achievement unlocks when you unlock the Arcanas – XXI.

New Weapon: Super Candybox II Turbo

Image showing the Super Candybox Turbo II in Vampire Survivors.
The Super Candybox II Turbo.

There is a new weapon players can unlock in Vampire Survivors. This new weapon is the Super Candybox II Turbo. To unlock this weapon you need get fairly lucky. The developers said this about the weapon evolution:

“Has a low Luck-based chance of appearing in place of green coin bags. The chance is 100% for 5 items treasure chests. Can only appear if a Candybox has been obtained in the current run. This should be very rare and so doesn’t appear in the Collection until it has been seen once.”

When you unlock this weapon you are able to select an evolved/advanced weapon to add to your inventory. This means you can snag some major weapons near the end of a run when you’re close to a full build.

Miscellaneous Fixes/Additions

Alongside the new additions listed above there are a few tweaks/fixes and smaller additions to the game. The tweaks and fixes in this update players will encounter are:

  • Fix for Cappella Magna boss not showing up if using a certain spell.
  • Changed the fix for Gorgeous Moon breaking when firing too often due to Limit Break.
  • Fixed Pentagram/Gorgeous Moon not being affected by external cooldown modifiers (eg. Arcana XX).


  • New missingN skins.
  • New Gains skin.
  • iwanttoseeitagain code – visit Holy Forbidden again.

Thoughts on what’s new in Vampire Survivors 0.11.032? Drop them in the comments below.


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