How to Unlock Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors

In the Vampire Survivors update 0.11 there is a new character for players to unlock. This characters is called Queen Sigma. Queen Sigma is unlocked by completing a certain challenge in the game. Thankfully this challenge is fairly simple, but requires having played and completed much of the game’s content. To learn more see how to unlock Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors below.

Complete the Collection

Image showing the Vampire Survivors collection screen in-game.
You can view your collection progress in-game.

A core element of Vampire Survivors is the insane amount of unlocks in the game. These unlocks are found on the game’s Collection screen. To unlock Queen Sigma you need to have unlocked all of the items in the collection. These means collecting all weapons, relics, and Arcanas. In total there are 122 things you must unlock.

Once you’ve filled in the collection you will have unlocked the new character. You will see a pop-up on the end run screen if you’ve unlocked her. If you had already filled in your collection you may need to start a run and then quit out to get her unlock to pop.

After you’ve unlocked Queen Sigma, the next step is simple. Make your way to the Character Selection screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find her there. The cost to unlock is 0 Gold which is a nice change from the other characters.

Queen Sigma Starting Weapon & Passive

Image showing Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors.
Queen Sigma on the Character Selection screen.

Sigma is an interesting character for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that she starts with a new weapons called the Victory Sword which has an evolution. The second reason her stats are wild. I’m talking literally stats in almost everything. This makes her an interesting character to do runs with since she is so strong. See the stats below to have your mind blown:

  • Max Health: 333 (+233)
  • Armour: 3 (+3)
  • Recovery: 3 (+3)
  • Move Speed: 150% (+50%)
  • Might: 150% (+50%)
  • Cooldown: 0.75 (-25%)
  • Area: 100%
  • Speed: 100%
  • Duration: 150 (+50%)
  • Amount: 1 (+1)
  • Luck: 150% (+50%)
  • Growth: 100%
  • Greed: 100%
  • Curse: 110% (+10%)
  • Magnet: 1 (+100)
  • Revival: 1 (+1)
  • Reroll: 108 (+108)
  • Skip: 108 (+108)
  • Banish: 108 (+108)

Sigma is one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all. Also be sure to see what else is new in Patch 0.11.0.

Thoughts on our how to unlock Sigma in Vampire Survivors guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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