What’s New in Vampire Survivors 0.11.0

What's New in Vampire Survivors 0.11.0

It’s that time of the month again where Vampire Survivors drops a nice little update on us. This update is patch 0.11.0 and it is medium in size. As we near the game’s official release out of early access the developers are adding a few things to get everything ready. The post below walks you through what’s new in Vampire Survivors 0.11.0.

New Character Unlock: Queen Sigma

Image showing Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors.
Queen Sigma is really good.

To start things off we have a brand new character for players to unlock. The new character is Queen Sigma. To unlock Sigma for yourself you need to have collected all 122 items in the game’s Collection. This means all weapons, Relics, and Arcanas. Once you’ve done this Queen Sigma will become available to use. She is an absolute beast of a character.

2x New Weapons: Victory Sword and Sole Solution

The addition of Queen Sigma brings a new weapon to the game. This weapon is Sigma’s starting weapon and it’s called the Victory Sword. The Victory Sword has an evolution that players can trigger called the Sole Solution. This is done by maxing both the Victory Sword and Torrona’s Box.

New Arcanas: IX – Divine Bloodline

Image showing the Vampire Survivors IX - Divine Bloodline.
IX – Divine Bloodline descrpition.

Alongside the new character the final Arcanas is now released. This Arcanas is IX – Divine Bloodline. To unlock this Arcanas you will need to reach Level 99 with Suor Clerici. Once done you will unlock this Arcanas. This Arcana gives certain weapons additional damage and reflects enemy damage depending on the characters Armor stat.

New Spells (AKA Cheats)

A few updates ago the developers added spells to the game. Spells are cheats that players can input to unlock things in the game. Each update since they added spells has seen the list of available spells increase. This update is no different. The 0.11.0 patch adds more spells to unlock more things. Check out the full list of Spells for details.

3x New Achievements

It wouldn’t be an update without at least a few achievements to unlock. This patch features a total of three achievements players can unlock by doing much of what is listed above. The three achievements add to the 129 already available making the new total 132. The three added in this patch are:

  • Queen Sigma – Complete the Collection.
  • Victory Sword – Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Queen Sigma.
  • IX – Divine Bloodline: Reach Level 99 with Suor Clerici.

That’s all you need to know about what’s new in the Vampire Survivor’s patch 0.11.0. Overall this was a decent patch to get players to return to the game. If you haven’t played the last few updates, now is a really good time to jump into it.

Thoughts on what’s new in Vampire Survivors 0.11.0? Drop them in the comments below.



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