How to Unlock Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors Guide

Update 0.5 is out now for Vampire Survivors. This new update features a number of new additions to the game from a new Relic to a new character players can unlock. This new character is called Giovanna Grana. To learn how to unlock Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors see our guide below.

Inlaid Library Coffin

To unlock Giovanna for yourself you need to find her. Update 0.5 has added a coffin to the Inlaid Library stage. Start this stage and run to the right. You will eventually reach the coffin featuring Giovanna Grana inside. Before you can free her you need clear the enemies around the coffin. This can be done a few ways. Simply level up your character so they are strong enough to kill them all or use the Pentagram item if available.

Once you’ve defeated the enemies around the coffin you need to stand on the coffin. Doing this frees Giovanna from inside. Afterwards all you need to do is purchase Giovanna from the Character Selection. This fully unlocks the character, making her usable for runs.

Image showing Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors.

Giovanna Grana is an interesting character to use. She is a witch on a broomstick. Besides this interesting design the character comes with a new starting weapon. This starting weapon is Gatti Amari, a cat, which summons capricious projectiles and interacts with pickups. Alongside this starting weapon the character has a passive that gains +1% Projectile Speed every level.

This character is one of many characters players can unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors character list for details on each how to unlock each of the characters in the game.

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