How to Unlock Gallo in Vampire Survivors

A few new characters are now unlockable in Vampire Survivors update 0.6.1. These new characters are hidden in how to unlock them. Unlike previous characters that you’ve encountered in the game these characters require completing a number of hidden objectives added in this patch. To learn more check about unlocking one of the new characters consult our how to unlock Gallo in Vampire Survivors guide below.

Unlock the Yellow Sign Relic

A huge, hidden, addition in this patch is the inclusion of a new hidden Relic that can be found on the Moongolow stage. This Relic is located at the end of the hidden stage within the stage. To reach this stage players must complete a run with a base character without picking up any of the items from off the Moongolow map. Doing this unlocks a special boss fight at the 14 minute mark which leads to the Hidden Grounds. At the end of the Hidden Grounds you will find the Yellow Sign which unlocks hidden items on the stages.

Evolve the Clock Lancet into the Infinite Corridor

Image showing the Infinite Corridor evolution in Vampire Survivors.

The reason you need to grab the Yellow Sign is to be able to evolve the Clock Lancet. This new weapon evolution requires two hidden items that become available with the Yellow Sign: the Silver Ring and the Gold Ring. Grab both items and level them up to +9 each. Grab the Clock Lancet and level it up to +8. Use a chest to trigger the evolution to get the Infinite Corridor.

Unlock Iguana Gallo Valletto

Image showing Iguana Gallo Valletta in Vampire Survivors.

Upon evolving the Clock Lancet into the Infinite Corridor you will have unlocked Gallo. Complete or quit your run and you will go to the end run screen. On this screen you will find a pop-up achievement telling you that you’ve unlocked the character named Iguana Gallo Valletto. Go to the Character Selection screen and purchase him with gold to completely unlock. Gallo starts with the Clock Lancet. He also starts with 1 extra level and he gains +10% Growth every 5 levels (max +50%).

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