What’s New in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.6.1

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Vampire Survivors received a fairly large update yesterday called 0.6.1. This update features a number of new additions to the game and some fun little secret additions you need to search out. If you are wondering what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.6.1 this guide is for you. Below I will walk you through what’s all in this update. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW.

New Stage: Moongolow (and it’s full of secrets)

Right out the gate there is a new stage for players to unlock. This stage is called Moongolow. It is unlocked after you’ve unlocked hyper mode on four normal stages in the game. Once you’ve done this you can play this stage.

What’s interesting about the Moongolow stage is how much content is in it. First up is the merchant. This new NPC sells a variety of items for Gold including two important ones:

  1. Golden Egg: Permanently improves a random state of character you purchase it on.
  2. Glass Vizard (Relic): A special Relic that unlocks the merchant on the other stages when purchased.

Both items sell for 10,000g each. Once you’ve purchased the Glass Vizard it is removed from the shop. The Gold Egg can be purchased repeatedly, giving players a good endgame gold dump.

If you opt to play the stage traditionally you will play it normally. This stage lasts a total of 15 minutes and features three cloak bosses during it. Each of these bosses drops a Golden Egg when defeated. At the end of the timer Death will appear and fight you.

If you don’t play traditionally the Moongolow map features an unlockable secret hidden boss, hidden stage called Holy Forbidden, and a hidden Relic called the Yellow Sign. You can read more about these hidden aspects of the level and how to unlock them here.

New Hidden Relic: Yellow Sign

A very important part of this update is the hidden Relic called the Yellow Sign. If you complete the hidden parts of the Moongolow map you will reach a special location featuring the Relic. This Relic, when picked up, unlocks hidden items across all of the stages in the game. These hidden items are:

  • Silver Ring.
  • Gold Ring.
  • Metaglio Left.
  • Metaglio Right.

These hidden items are very important to unlock as they are tied to new weapon evolutions and new character unlocks that would be otherwise hidden from you in this update.

2x Evolutions and 3x Unlockable Characters

There are two new evolutions in the game thanks to the hidden items you unlock with the Yellow Sign. They are the Infinite Corridor and the Crimson Shroud. How the evolutions are triggered is shown in the table below.

Clock Lancet [+8]Silver Ring [+9]
Gold Ring [+9]
Laurel [+8]Metaglio Left [+9].
Metaglio Right [+9].

Like other weapon evolutions you need to reach the item levels shown above. Once you’ve done this you can then trigger the evolution using a chest dropped off enemies. Both evolutions unlock achievements and also two characters: Iguana Gallo Valletto (Infinite Corridor) and Divano Thelma (Crimson Cloak).

Alongside these two unlockable characters is a third character you can unlock. This character is Boon Marrabbio. You unlock this character by triggering and collecting cakes on the Mad Forest Stage to spawn a special enemy.

9 New Achievements to Unlock

It wouldn’t be a new update without new achievements to unlock and there are a bunch of them to unlock this patch. In total there are 9 new achievements to unlock. The list of 0.6.3 achievements are as follows:

  1. Moongolow – Unlock Hyper mode for 4 normal stages.
  2. Skip 4 – Survive 15 minutes in Moongolow.
  3. Glass Vizard – Find and buy the Glass Vizard.
  4. XIV – Jail of Crystal – Reach Level 99 with Pasqualina after unlocking the Randomazzo.
  5. XII – Out of Bounds – Reach minute 31 in the Gallo Tower after unlocking the Randomazzo.
  6. Banish 5 – Fill 90 entries in the Collection.
  7. I can’t see anything… – Find the Yellow Sign.
  8. Seeker of the Infinite Corridor – Obtain the Infinite Corridor.
  9. Seeker of the Crimson Shroud – Obtain the Crimson Shroud.

That’s all you need to know about the sizable Vampire Survivors patch 0.6.1. There is a lot to explore in this patch with a ton of unlockable content. It also features a nice bit of end-game gold dumps for players that want to continue playing event if they’ve unlocked everything.

Thoughts on our what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.6.1 guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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