How to Unlock the Moongolow Stage – Vampire Survivors

The new update 0.6.1 for Vampire Survivors is live now for players and with it comes a number of new additions to the game. One of the new additions is the adding of a bonus stage called Moongolow. This stage is interesting as it features new enemies to fight and a new relic/NPC that unlocks the ability to use an in-game store. To learn more here’s how to unlock the Moongolow stage in Vampire Survivors.

Unlock Hyper Mode on Four Stages

Image showing the Moongolow stage in Vampire Survivors.

To unlock the 0.6.3 stage called Moongolow you must have unlocked hyper mode in four other stages in the game. This means having beaten the main bosses or survived long enough for the hyper mode to unlock. Once you’ve done this you will unlock the Moongolow stage.

One important note if you’ve completed the hyper mode unlocks prior to the update you will need to do a run, then finish it or quit out to have the stage unlock for you.

The Moongolow stage is fairly interesting. It features a new NPC that is a merchant that sells items. The items it sells includes a new relic called the Glass Vizard. This item can be purchased for 10,000g. When purchased it unlocks the merchant on the other stages in the game.

Alongside this relic there is a second item you can purchase called the Golden Egg which also sells for 10,000g. This item, when purchased, permanently raises a random stat on the character you are using. It can be purchased repeatedly, creating a valuable end-game gold sink.

Like other stages in the game you need to survive against hordes of enemies. There are new enemy types in this stage including new jellyfish enemies. You will also notice a ton of items lying about on this stage which allow for some very wild builds to occur. Have fun!

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