What’s New in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.5.2

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It’s that time of the month when Vampire Survivors adds new content to the game. The game’s new Patch 0.5.2 features a number of new additions to the game which players can complete and unlock. The post below walks you through what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.5.2.

New Character: Concetta

This patch has added a new character called Concetta. This character is unlocked by opening the coffin in the Gallo Tower stage. This coffin is accessed via a special mirror portal found along the left wall while walking up through the stage.

Concetta starts with a guitar themed weapon. There are multiple achievements attached to this character that have been added in this patch (more details shared below).

Gatti Amari Evolution, New Shadow Pinion Item, and Gold Farm Pick Up Items

Image showing the No Future item in Vampire Survivors.

The Cat themed Gatti Amari weapon has received an evolution in this update. This evolution is triggered with Gatti Amari (8) and Stone Mask (1). The patch also added a new item tied called the Shadow Pinion. This item has an evolution as well. To trigger it get Shadow Pion (8) and Wings (1). To round out the new items crew is a new golden clover players can pick up to trigger a sort of gold farming moment where enemies drop gold when killed.

New Relic: Magic Banger

A new relic item is in this update. Called the Magic Banger, when collected, this relic allows players to select the track and mode of song on the the stage selection screen. To unlock this relic you need to find it going left on Inlaid Library.

8 New Achievements

Would it be a new update without achievements? There are 7 new achievements to unlock in Patch 0.5.2. These achievements are guides to help you find the above listed unlocks. There are also a couple additional ones you can unlock as well:

  • Magic Banger – Find the Magic Banger.
  • Coffin: Gallo Tower – Find and open the coffin in the Gallo Tower.
  • Shadow Pinion – Survive 15 minutes with Concetta.
  • Vicious Hunger – Evolve the Gatti Amari.
  • XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions – Reach level 99 with Concetta.
  • Valkyrie Turner – Evolve the Shadow Pinion.
  • XV – Disco of Gold – Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Libarar.
  • Banish 4 – Fill 80 entries in the Collection.

These additional achievements bring the total count to 96. This total amount will change as the developers have promised to support the game with additional content for the foreseeable future.

Thoughts on what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.5.2? Drop them in the comments below.



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