Where to Find the Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors update 0.5.2 is upon us and with it comes a bunch of new additions to the game. One of the new additions added in this patch is a new relic called the Magic Banger. When found and collected the Magic Banger unlocks the ability to change music on stages, which is a nice perk for those who’ve spent a ton of time in the game. To get the relic here’s where to find the Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors.

Magic Banger Stage Location

You can find the Magic Banger relic on the Inlaid Library stage. When you start the stage head to the left (having the Milky Way Map helps a lot). Continue heading to the left until you find a group of witches around the relic. Go over to the relic and pick it up. When you do you unlock the relic’s ability. You also learn about the item:

“Permanently allows to change music in stage selection.”

Once you have unlocked the Magic Banger using it is fairly straightforward. Go to the stage selection screen and look on the right side. Here you will find a new box featuring two toggles. The top toggle allows you to select the track you want to play on the stage and the bottom toggle allows you to set it on normal or hyper.

That’s all you need to know to find the Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors. Getting this new relic follows the exact same process as early relics that have been added to the game. Simply find and collect it.

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  1. In Green Acres, there is a Relic called Magic Banger. The music option in the stage pick screen is permanently unlocked after it has been gathered.

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