What’s New in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.7.2

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The next major content patch for Vampire Survivors is out now. This new patch is 0.7.2 and it contains a variety of new additions to the popular title. If you are wondering what all this patch contains this post is for you. Below is a complete look at what’s new in Vampire Survivors patch 0.7.2.

New Stage: Cappella Magna

Image showing the Trinacria boss in Vampire Survivors patch 0.7.2.
Trinacria boss.

First up is the launch of stage 5 called Cappella Magna. This stage is accessible to anyone who completed the Moongolow Bonus Stage and it’s secret eclipse sub level. If you meet this criteria you will find Cappella Magna stage available on your Stage Selection screen.

The developers have stated there isn’t much in the stage… yet, but you can fight a boss named Trinacria at the 25 minute mark to unlock Hyper mode. There is also a character coffin to open as well (I touch on it more below). Expect more content to be added to this stage in subsequent patches.

3 New Characters: 1 in Coffin & 2 Secret

Alongside the new stage there are three characters players can unlock to use. There is one character that is explicitly mentioned in the achievements as being located in a coffin inside of Cappella Magna. This coffin is located down from the starting spawn. The character unlocked from opening it is Zi ‘Assunta Belpaese.

Hidden in the patch are two other characters to unlock. These characters are “secret” and not mentioned in any of the achievements in the update. To unlock the two secret characters in the patch do the following:

Minnah Mannarah

  • Find the Cursed Cheese on the Dairy Plant stage then defeat the werewolves that spawn.

Smith IV

  1. Have Exdash.
  2. Have Toastie.
  3. Start menu – type “SPAM”.
  4. Character select – type “SPAM”.
  5. Level select – Type “SPAM”.
  6. Start level.
  7. Quickly pick Arcanas.
  8. Type “HUMBUG” when you have control of character.

For both of the secret characters listed above you will hear a jingle if you correctly unlocked them. They will then appear on the character select screen. You then need to use gold to purchase them to completely unlock them for use.

2x New Arcanas, 1x Item, and 1x Weapon + Evolution

Alongside the new characters are two new Arcanas, one new item, and one weapon and weapon evolution. All of these new items are unlocked specific ways in the new patch:


  • VII – Mad Groove: Reach minute 31 on Mad Forest.
  • X – Beginning: Reach level 99 with Antonio.


  • Torrona’s Box: Do a run where you have 6 evolved weapons in your inventory.
    • Omni (Power Up): Level Torrona’s Box to level 9.

Weapon and Evolution

  • Vento Sacro: Survive for 15 minutes with Zi.
    • Evolution: Vento Sacro (+8) + Bloody Tear = Fuwalafuwaloo.

These unlocks are especially interesting and really alter the game. The Mad Groove Arcanas in particular can make things wild as it pulls the level items to you every 2 minutes.

9x New Achievements to unlock

Since there is a ton of new stuff added in the patch there are a bunch of new achievements to unlock. There are 9 achievements available to unlock in the patch (pushing the current game total to 114). They are:

  1. Fuwalafuwaloo – Unite Vento and Bloody Tear.
  2. X – Beginning – Reach Level 99 with Antonio after Unlocking the Randomazzo.
  3. VIII – Mad Groove – Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest after unlocking the Randomazzo.
  4. Omni – Get Torrona’s Box to Level 9.
  5. Torronoa’s Box – Hold 6 different weapon evolutions at once.
  6. Hyper Cappella Magna – Defeat the Trinacria in the Cappella Magna.
  7. Coffin: Cappella Magna – Find and open the coffin in the Cappella Magna.
  8. Vento Sacro – Survive 15 minutes with Zi ‘Assunta.
  9. Cappella Magna – Deal with the whole lunar eclipse event, starting from Moongolow.

That’s all you need to know about the sizable Vampire Survivors patch 0.7.0. There is a lot to explore in this patch with a ton of unlockable content. It also features a nice bit of end-game gold dumps for players that want to continue playing event if they’ve unlocked everything.

Thoughts on our what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.7.2 guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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