How to Unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors

Update 0.7.2 for Vampire Survivors added a few new things to the game. These new things include a new secret character called Minnah. Minnah is a werewolf that starts with the Bloody Tear. Since she is a secret character knowing how to unlock her is a bit of a well, secret. To learn how to unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors see our guide below.

How to Unlock the Secret Werewolf Character

The Cursed Cheese on Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors.

Unlocking Minnah in Vampire Survivors is fairly straightforward to do. To unlock this character you need to find a special item on the Dairy Plant stage. This special item is the Cursed Cheese. There are two methods of finding the item:

Hard Method

The first method is the harder of the two. This method is to manually search for the Cursed Cheese on the stage. I’ve seen a few people saying they’ve found it to the north/northeast and that it appears as a chicken on your map when you get close to it.

Easy Method

The second method is much easier to use, but it does require having a certain Arcanas unlocked. Equipping Arcanas VIII – Mad Groove (unlocked by reaching minute 31 on Mad Forest) pulls all items on the Dairy Plant to you every 2 minutes including the Cursed Cheese.

Once you’ve found/pulled the Cursed Cheese to you the next step is to pick it up. Note you should be ready for a fight at this point. Once the cheese is collected five large werewolf enemies spawn in and attack you. Defeat theses enemies and you will hear an unlock sound. Complete or quit your run and return to the character selection screen. You will find Minnah there near the bottom. Purchase with gold to unlock.

Minnah Starting Weapon & Passive

Image showing the Minnah Mannarah character's base stats.
Base stats of Minnah.

Minnah starts a run with the Bloody Tear (evolved Whip). She also has an interesting passive which causes Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, Area, and Cooldown to change every minute. Her important base stats are:

  • Max Health – 150.
  • Recovery – 0.5.
  • Might – (-70%)

Thoughts on our how to unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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