What’s New in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.7.3

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The developers behind Vampire Survivors have been hard at work updating the game and their most recent update, 0.7.3 is finally available. This new update is smaller than 0.7.2, but it still contains a decent amount of content. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.7.3 below. SPOILERS BELOW.

New Relic: Grim Grimoire

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Grim Grimoire Evolution table in-game.

The first major new addition added in this patch is the Grim Grimoire Relic. This Relic can be found on Inlaid Library. When it is picked up it unlocks the ability to see Evolutions that you’ve discovered. This means it is much easier to keep track of evolutions now in-game instead of having to use a third party provider.

2x New Characters: Sir Ambrojoe & Peppino (There may be more)

There are (currently) two known unlockable characters in this patch: Sir Ambrojoe (not a secret) and Peppino (secret). Sir Ambrojoe was somewhat advertised for this patch. He is fairly easy to unlock you just need to defeat 6k Stagekiller enemies. These enemies appear on Cappella Magna at 21 & 26 Minutes. Here’s a video of me unlocking the character.

Peppino is a bit more convoluted to unlock since it is a secret character. The Discord for the game figured out the unlock process. The steps are as follows:

  1. Play as O’Sole Meeo.
  2. Run Il Molise.
  3. Run through the plants and trees so you heal them with your Celestial Dusting.
  4. Level up Celestial Dusting as you go. You will start to see healing numbers.
  5. Continue running through plants and trees until you hit 10k healed.
  6. You will hear an unlock sound.
  7. Quit or finish run.
  8. Buy Peppino from Character Selection screen.

Peppino is an interesting secret character since it is a tree it can barely move. This makes no movement runs a very real part of the character’s entire build process.

Item: Character Customization

If you are bored with many of the normie character’s looks this update offers a fix for that. When you hit 100 items in your collection you will unlock the Mindbender item. This item allows you to change the appearance of base characters and their maximum weapon loadout. This items makes it possible to limit yourself to one weapon in a run if you so desire.

Unlocks: 2x Arcanas and Reroll Level 5

Alongside the Relic, Characters, and Character Customization there are a few more unlocks to be had. The patch adds two additional Arcanas to the game that are unlocked as follows:

  1. III – Tragic Princess: Reach Level 99 with Porta.
  2. XX – Silent Old Sanctuary: Reach minute 31 in the Dairy Plant.

Additionally you can unlock Reroll Level 5 by reaching Level 100 with Ambrojoe. This allows you to gain an additional Rereoll upgrade slot when you are presented with items during a run.

6 New Achievements

Most of the things listed above have an achievement tied to their completion. This brings the total of achievements available in the game to 120. The patch 0.7.3 achievements are:

  1. III – Tragic Princess: Reach Level 99 with Porta.
  2. XX – Silent Old Sanctuary: Reach Minute 31 in the Dairy Plant.
  3. Reroll 5: Reach Level 100 with Ambrojoe.
  4. Grim Grimoire: Find the Grim Grimoire.
  5. Sir Ambrojoe; Defeat a total of 6000 Stage Killers.
  6. Mindbender: Fill 100 entries in the Collection.

That’s everything officially in the Vampire Survivors Patch 0.7.3. Overall it was a very solid patch with a decent amount of content for players to explore. My favorite has to be the new characters as they are very wacky.

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