Where to Find the Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors

Patch 0.7.3 of Vampire Survivors has added a new Relic to the game. This new Relic is called the Grim Grimoire. This relic, when found, allows players to view all previously discovered evolutions from the pause screen. The guide below show’s you where to find the Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors.

Where is the Grim Grimoire

The Grim Grimoire is a fairly early game Relic, which means you will find it in an early stage. This early stage is the Inlaid Library. Start a run on this stage and run to the left. You will eventually find the Grim Grimoire sitting on the floor. If you have the Milky Way Map it is especially useful in helping you find it. I’ve linked a video from Hold To Reset’s YouTube channel showing the location above.

What Does the Grim Grimoire Do Exactly

Image showing the complete Grim Grimoire Evolution table in Vampire Survivors.
The Grim Grimoire Evolution table.

The Grim Grimoire is a Relic you pick up. Upon picking up the Relic you unlock it’s ability. The ability of this Relic is that it unlocks an evolution table in-game. This evolution table is accessed via the start screen during a run. There is a button that says “Open Grimoire.” Push this button and you will see the Evolution table (shown above). It shows all of the Evolutions that you’ve discovered. See our Evolutions table for more details on any you might be missing.

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