How to Unlock Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors

There are a few hidden new characters for players to find in Vampire Survivors update 0.6.1. A couple of these characters are well hidden and one of them is very well hidden. The very well hidden character is named Boon Marrabbio. To learn how to unlock Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors see our guide below.

Do a Mad Forest Run

Image showing the Mad Forest stage in Vampire Survivors.

To unlock this hidden character you need to complete a few steps. The first step is simple, collect 100 Floor Chickens total playing the game. The second step is to then trigger a hidden boss. To do this you want to focus your attention on the Mad Forest Stage. Do a run on this stage. I recommend picking a character that is strong and has a good movement speed since you will need it for the unlock. Once you’ve started your run it’s time to focus on unlocking the hidden character.

Pick-Up or Level Receive the Pummorala and Skull O’Maniac

In order to unlock Boon you need to trigger a special event on the Mad Forest Stage. To do this you must collect two specific items. These items are the Pummorala and the Skull O’Maniac. Both items can be picked up from off the map or chosen as level up rewards. You need to acquire both. Once you do this you trigger the spawning of cakes around your character.

Pick-Up Cakes and then Defeat Shade Wizard

Image showing the cake and the shade magician in Vampire Survivors.

Once you’ve collected both the Pummorala and Skull O’Maniac you will start to see cakes spawning onto the map. These cakes lead you along a sort of path. Focus your energy on moving along and collecting the cakes as they spawn. Once you’ve gathered enough you will hear an audio cue and a tough shade wizard enemy will appear. Defeat the shade wizard and then complete or quit out of your run. There will be no achievement or anything on the run end screen.

Purchase Boon Marrabbio to Fully Unlock

Image showing Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors.

Go to the Character Selection screen. Scroll to the bottom and you will find Boon Marrabbio. Purchase Boon Marrabbio using gold to unlock this character for use. Boon starts with the Thousand Edge weapon. He also has no passive but rather interesting stats including very low speed (I’m talking in the negative %).

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