How to Unlock Rose De Infernas in Vampire Survivors

The Rose De Infernas unlock screen in Vampire Survivors.

In Vampire Survivors there are a number of secret characters that players can unlock. These characters require completing specific objectives or tasks that may seem hidden or confusing at first glance. One of the more confusing characters to unlock is Rose De Infernas. The guide below walks you through how to unlock Rose De Infernas in Vampire Survivors.

Unlock the Astral Stair Stages

Before unlocking Rose, you must first unlock the fifth challenge stage, Astral Stair. This stage is accessible by reaching level 80 in Inverse Inlaid Library, or by inputting the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane spell, “recyclethelibrary“.

Her Royal Shadow Lies Behind the 46th Door Solution

A secret door in Vampire Survivors Ad Astrail Map opening for the player.
To unlock Rose go through these secret doors in Astral Stair 46 times.

Once you’ve unlocked the Astral Stair Stage, you can proceed to unlock the secret character Rose De Infernas. The secret hint for this character on the secrets screen is “her royal shadow lies behind the 46th door.”

To unlock Rose, follow these steps:

  1. Start a run of the Astral Stair Stage.
  2. On this stage, you can walk through hidden doors.
  3. You need to walk through a total of 46 doors on this stage to unlock Rose.
  4. This doesn’t have to be done in a single run; the game keeps count of the total number of doors you’ve gone through.

Upon walking through the 46th door, you will arrive in an astral room with a white coffin in it. Walk over and stand on the coffin to free Rose. Exit the run and go to the character screen. Purchase her using gold.

Unlock Spell for Rose De Infernas

If you don’t feel like doing all of the work to unlock Rose or are facing issues unlocking her, there is an alternate method you can use. Rose has a Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane spell you can input called “rescuefromtheshadows“. Inputting it will unlock her as a playable character.

Rose De Infernas is one of several unlockable secret characters in Vampire Survivors. This character was added during the game’s December 2023 DLC & Patch 1.8.206 release.

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