Vampire Survivors Laborratory Guide

The Laborratory achievement earned in Vampire Survivors.

Surprise! Today, poncle released a new update for Vampire Survivors. They announced this update, named Laborratory or v1.1.0, during the ID@Xbox streaming event. A short teaser highlighted several features of the update, including a new level, a new character, and a fresh set of achievements to unlock. If you need help unlocking everything, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find our comprehensive Vampire Survivors Laborratory unlocks guide.

Unlock the Laborratory Level by Finding 33 Rosaries

The first thing to do is unlock the new Laborratory Challenge level. It’s surprisingly simple, but if you’re new to the game, it might be a bit tricky. All you need to do is collect (or have collected) 33 Rosaries total during your Vampire Survivors playthrough.

If you’re new to the game, chances are you haven’t collected enough Rosaries yet, and that’s okay. Focus on reaching Level 8 in your runs and improving Luck, as this increases the chance of Rosary items dropping from destroyed Light Sources.

If you’ve been playing for a while and are confident you’ve collected enough Rosaries, simply log in to a run and exit out. The Laborratory level will unlock immediately on the Results screen if you’ve found enough.

Regardless of playtime, once you reach the 33 Rosaries collected milestone, you will unlock the Laborratory Challenge Level. You’ll get the EXTRA: Laborratory (1/7) achievement and access to Hyper Laborratory for your troubles.

Important: Once you have the Laborratory unlocked you are free to unlock the rest of the update content as you see fit. Each section below gives the details on doing the unlocks. Feel free to bundle them together to save time during your runs.

Unlock Santa by Surviving for 20 Minutes on the Laborratory Level

Santa character on the Character Selection screen in Vampire Survivors.
After surviving for 20 minutes on the Laborratory Level you can buy Santa from the character screen.

To unlock the character introduced in the Laborratory update, Santa Ladonna, you must survive for a total of 20 minutes on the Laborratory Level. To achieve this, use your strongest character (the one with the most Golden Eggs) and concentrate on creating an overpowered (OP) build. If you do this, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties in surviving the 20 minutes to unlock Santa.

Once you reach the 20 minute mark you will automatically be killed by Death. You will then unlock the EXTRA: Santa Ladonna (2/7) achievement and can then purchase Santa from the Character Selection screen.

Find an Arma Dio in Laborratory (Also Get Santa Javelin This Way as Too)

A room with a lever in the Laborratory in Vampire Survivors.
Explore these rooms, and use the levers, to find the new passive and weapon items.

The Laborratory stage consists of two parts: the lab on the upper part and the railroad on the lower part. To locate both the Arma Dio and the Santa Javalin, you must explore the large rectangular rooms in the lab section. In the middle of these rooms, you’ll find a lever. Walk into the lever to “pull it” to reveal an item to pick up. Explore as many of these rooms as possible until you obtain both the Arma Dio and the Santa Javelin.

Finding the Arma Dio unlocks the Arma Dio item and the EXTRA: Arma Dio (3/7) achievement. There is no achievement for finding the Santa Javelin, but getting it allows you to unlock two I talk about in the next section.

Level Up the Santa Javelin and Evolve It

The Seraphic Cry evolution in Vampire Survivors.
Level up the Santa Javelin and evolve it to unlock two achievements.

Once you acquire the Santa Javelin, you can unlock its two associated achievements. Here are the descriptions of these achievements and how to complete them:

  • EXTRA: Santa Javelin (4/7): Get the Santa Javelin to Level 7. Kill enemies and level up this weapon
  • EXTRA: Seraphic City (5/7): Evolve the Santa Javelin. To trigger this evolution combine it with a max level Clover

Unlocking both of these achievements is simply a matter of using the Santa Javelin and leveling up a Clover to max level. If you’re having issues, try a run with Santa on Mad Forest. There’s a Clover on the map you can pick up, ensuring you have both items.

Deal a Total of 25120 Damage with the Laborratory Train

The train in the Laborratory in the Vampire Survivors.
Use the levers on the platform to trigger the train.

As mentioned above, there are two sections to the Laborratory stage: the upper labs and the lower railroad. To complete this challenge, you need to use the train to deal 25120 damage in total to enemies.

You can trigger the train by using various levers along the railroad platform. An easy method is to simply run along the bottom railroad section, hitting levers, (as shown in the screenshot above) to trigger the train repeatedly. This should be enough to complete the challenge especially if you do it later in a run when there are lots of enemies spawning.

When you’ve dealt enough damage with the train you will unlock the EXTRA: Carlo Cart (6/7) achievement at the end of a run. You also unlock a special Bonus level called Carlo Cart.

This special level has an interesting mechanic where you ride in a cart that won’t stop moving. It also has an interesting feature where the Merchant will run after the player using the new run animation poncle referenced in the teaser video.

Secret: Forsake Victory in Favour of Sightseeing in Carlo Cart

The Gyoruntin coffin in Vampire Survivors.
Go left until this coffin spawns in.

Once you’ve unlocked Carlo Cart, you can uncover a secret on the stage. According to the in-game hint, this secret involves “Forsaking Victory in Favor of Sightseeing in Carlo Cart.”

To complete this secret, begin a run of Carlo Cart. When you spawn in, go left. Continue going left until a group of Gyorunton spawn in with a Coffin. Defeat them and stand on the Coffin to free the secret character Gyoruntin. Buy Gyoruntin to unlock it for use.

Banish 40 or More Weapons in a Single Run

The final achievement and unlock of the update is Seal III. This PowerUp is unlocked by banishing 40 or more weapons in a single run. To accomplish this, select a character with enough Banishes available, such as Sigma or Menya. Begin a run on the map and banish 40 weapons during it.

Once you’ve banished at least 40 weapons, you can quit or complete the run. On the Results screen, you will unlock the EXTRA: Seal III (7/7) and the Seal III PowerUp which you can spend gold to unlock.

That’s all you need to do to unlock everything in the Vampire Survivors Laborratory v1.1.0. This update was a fun little bonus bit of content to play and the perfect appetizer to setup for playing Operation Guns.

Was my Vampire Survivors Laborratory guide clear and helpful to you? Let me know in the comments below.



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