How to Unlock Gains Boros in Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors patch 0.8.0 is out now and with it comes a few new additions to the game. Many of the additions are mentioned in the patch notes but, like always, there are a few secrets hidden in it. One of the secrets is a new Dragon Shrimp character players can unlock. Learn how to unlock Gains Boros in Vampire Survivors below.

Secret Dragon Shrimp Character Unlock

To unlock the Dragon Shrimp character, Gains Boros, you need to complete a specific task on the Bone Zone. This specific task is to stand in a circle of flowers. To do this start a run of the Bone Zone. From the spawn head up. Keep going up past the Silver Ring. You will eventually reach the circle of flowers.

Once you are at the circle of flowers stand in the middle of them. Wait a little bit and you the flowers will disappear. You will hear the unlock sound associated with unlocking a secret character (as shown in the video above). Once you hear that sound either finish up your run or quit out.

From here the steps are very simple. Navigate to the Character Selection screen and scroll down. On this screen you will see a blacked-out Gains character. Purchase the character with gold to completely unlock it.

Gains Boros Starting Weapon & Passive

Gains Boros starts a run with the evolved cross item, Heaven Sword. He also has an interesting passive which causes him to gain +2% Growth every level. His important base stats are:

  • Max Health – 100.

Gains is one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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