Where to Find the Ars Gouda in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors patch 0.8.0 added two new relics to the game. One of the new relics is the Ars Gouda. This relic, when found, unlocks the Bestiary from the main menu of the game. Learn where to find the Ars Gouda in Vampire Survivors below.

Where to Find the Ars Gouda Relic

The Ars Gouda Relic is located on the Dairy Plant stage of Vampire Survivors. To find it load up a run and head down from the spawn. Once you pass where the Gold Ring is start heading diagonally right. You should arrive in the area where the Ars Gouda can be found. It is surrounded by knight enemies. If you wish you can kill all of the enemies or simply run through them. Run onto the book and you will pick it up (like other items in the game).

What Does the Ars Gouda Do

Once you’ve picked up the Ars Gouda Relic you will see its item description: “Permanently allows to access the list of defeated enemies from the main menu.” To use the item simply head back to the main menu and you will find a new Bestiary button. Push this button to go to the page shown above. This page lists the enemies you’ve defeated in the game. Other interesting stats for each entry are:

  • HP.
  • Power.
  • Speed.
  • Resistances (if any).
  • Skills (if any).
  • Found in.

There isn’t a ton of details yet for many of the enemies in the Bestiary. The developers have said they will be adding more information for each enemy type (and more enemy entries) as they near the release of the game proper. This should be rather soon as we are nearing the end of the game’s roadmap.

There are other additions that have been added to the game in this update. Be sure to check out our how to unlock the secret character Gains Boros guide and our Great Gospel Relic unlock guide for more help with the game.

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