Where to Find the Great Gospel in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors patch 0.8.0 added two new Relics to the game for players to find: Ars Gouda and the Great Gospel. The Great Gospel Relic is the most well hidden of the bunch since it requires defeating a certain boss to get. To learn more here’s where to find the Great Gospel in Vampire Survivors.

Defeat the Final Enemy in the Capella Magna

Note: Have to have unlocked the Randomazzo.

To get at the Great Gospel Relic you need to defeat a new boss that was added to in this patch. This new boss is a collection of all the deaths in the game. As the title above mentions the boss is the final enemy in the Capella Magna stage. Start a Hyper run of this stage and survive until minute 30. You then go to the boss arena.

Complete the boss fight and death will drop the Great Gospel Relic. Walk over to it and pick it up. When you pick it up you unlock this Relic and its ability. The video above from Hold To Reset’s YouTube channel shows the full boss fight and Relic unlock process.

What Does the Great Gospel Do

When you pick up the Great Gospel Relic you will unlock it and will see its item description. The Great Gospel description says that the item “Permanently allows to level up weapons beyond their limit. Can be enabled in Stage Selection.” With this Relic unlocks you are able to level up your weapons past their upper limit. This means you can make some pretty nutty builds with some pretty powerful weapons.

To turn off and on this ability you can access check or uncheck the box on the Stage Selection screen called Limit Break. This means you can choose when to use the Limit Break and its zany game impact whenever you like.

There are other additions that have been added to the game in this update. Be sure to check out our where to find the Ars Gouda Relic guide and our Gains Boros character unlock guide for more help with the game.

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