What’s New in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.8.0

Vampire Survivors is full of content and the developers behind keep adding more to it as they near the game’s official release. Today, the developers released a new patch for the game, dubbed 0.8.0, which feature a few new things. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in Vampire Survivors patch 0.8.0 below. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW.

New Secret Dragon Shrimp Character Named Gains Boros

Image showing the Gains Boros character in Vampire Survivors.
Dragon Shrimp boi Gains Boros.

Have you ever wished you could play the game as a Dragon Shrimp enemy? Well now you can thanks to Patch 0.8.0. This patch added a new secret character named Gains Boros which is modelled after the game’s Dragon Shrimp enemy type. Since this character is a secret you have to complete a specific task in one of the levels to unlock him. See our Gains Boros guide for more details on how to unlock him.

A little background on this character. Gains Boros starts off with the evolved Cross, the Heaven Sword. Alongside starting with this evolved weapon this character has an interesting passive which gains +2% Growth every level. This means you can have runs with some very large projectiles when you use him.

2x New Relics and a New Boss

The major focus of this patch is adding two new Relics to the game: Ars Gouda and the Great Gospel. Both of these Relics are hidden on different stages in the game. I won’t give you the exact locations of each, but will point you in the right direction:

  1. Ars Gouda: Dairy Plant.
  2. Great Gospel: Cappella Magna.

The Ars Gouda can simply be found on the level while the Great Gospel requires a bit more work. The Cappella Magna level now has a new boss fight at the end of it. Complete this boss fight against multi-colored death to unlock the Great Gospel Relic.

Both Relics, when acquired, unlock additional gameplay additions to the game. The Ars Gouda unlocks the Bestiary which shows information on the enemies you’ve defeated in the game. The Great Gospel adds the Limit Breaker option to Stage Select. This option allows you to level items up past the previous limits.

3x New Achievements

Each of the unlocks listed above come with their own achievements (besides the secret character). This brings the total amount of achievements in the game to 123. The 3x new achievements are:

  • Game Killer: Defeat the final enemy in the Cappella Magna after unlocking the Randomazzo.
  • Ars Gouda: Find the Ars Gouda.
  • Great Gospel: Find the Great Gospel.

Since there are still more patches to come, expect there to be more achievements to unlock in the future. The roadmap for the game does not state how many the developers plan to have in the full release.

Bug Fixes and QOL Additions

Before I end I just want to point a few more adds to this game. There were some bugs that were fixed with this patch and also some new quality of life additions fans have been asking for. These additions are the ability to auto-select level-up rewards when you are at max build. Also you can now filter your unlocks list to show unlocked or not unlocked. Check out the full patch notes for more details.

That’s everything that’s new in Vampire Survivors patch 0.8.0. Be sure to check out our other Vampire Survivors guides for help with the game. Also check back when the next update drops as we will be covering that as well.

Thoughts on what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.8.0? Drop them in the comments below.



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