How to Unlock Scorej Oni in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is the ultimate game that keeps giving, and well, it’s still giving. I awoke today to find a new update for the game that contained a new character to unlock. This new character, Scorej Oni, can be unlocked completing a couple of specific steps. To help you complete these steps here’s a quick how to unlock Scorej Oni in Vampire Survivors guide.

Unlock Hyper Tiny Bridge Stage

Before you can unlock Scorej Oni you need to first unlock the new stage added in update v1.1.104. This new stage is Hyper Tiny Bridge. To unlock this stage you need to reach Level 80 in Inverse Gallo Tower. This is hint is given to you on the Unlocks screen. Do a run of the Inverse Gallo Tower using your strongest character. Focus on acquiring items that help with leveling like Crown and Attractorb. Reach Level 80 and die, quit your run, or finish the run out to unlock the Hyper Tiny Bridge stage.

Discover the source of the roaring thunder on the Tiny Bridge

Scorej Oni boss on Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors.
The source of Roaring Thunder is the Scorej Oni boss!

Once you’ve unlocked the Hyper Tiny Bridge stage you next step is to discover the source of the roaring thunder on the Tiny Bridge. This hint is fairly obscure, but simple to do. Tiny Bridge, as the name suggests, is a tiny bridge on which the player can only go right or left. To find Scorej Oni the player should walk right roughly 20 tilesets. At this point you will encounter the Scorej Oni boss. Defeat the boss and you will unlock Scorej Oni as a playable character. You can see the entire sequence in this video.

Scorej Oni Stats and Passive

Image showing the Scorej Oni character on the character selection screen in Vampire Survivors.
Stats and passive of Scorej-Oni.

Scorej Oni is a genie like character that doesn’t start with a weapon. Instead Scoej Oni has a passive that gains a hidden Lightning Ring every 8 levels (max 6) that also fires when losing health. Alongside this passive Scorej Oni also has the following starting stats:

  • Max Health: 108.
  • Move Speed: -20%.
  • Area: +20%.

Scorej Oni s one of many characters for players to unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors characters unlock guide for details on how to unlock them all.

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