How to Unlock She-Moon in Vampire Survivors

She-Moon Eeta character in Vampire Survivors.

In Vampire Survivors‘ 1.7.0 update, a new character, She-Moon Eeta, is introduced. Armed with the Glass Fandango weapon and boasting enhanced movement speed, players can unlock her by accomplishing a specific in-game task. For step-by-step assistance, refer to our “how to unlock She-Moon in Vampire Survivors” guide below.

1. Unlock Whiteout Bonus Stage

A screenshot from the Vampire Survivors Whiteout stage.
You need access to the Whiteout stage to unlock this character.

To unlock She-Moon Eeta, start by unlocking the bonus stage, Whiteout. This requires collecting a total of 20 Orologions during your gameplay. Once you reach this milestone, the stage will be accessible from the Stage Selection screen, allowing you to begin a run and pursue her unlock.

2. Survive 20 minutes in Whiteout

The subsequent step to unlock She-Moon Eeta involves surviving for 20 minutes on the Whiteout stage. To enhance your chances of survival, select your most powerful character with the most Golden Eggs and aim to maximize your build as quickly as possible.

Once you reach the 20-minute mark on Whiteout, Death will claim your character. Exit the stage, and you’ll receive a prompt on the Results screen confirming the unlock of the “Extra: She-Moon Eeta” achievement and granting access to her character.

3. Purchase She-Moon Eeta From Character Selection Screen

She-Moon Eeta on character selection screen in Vampire Survivors.
To play as She-Moon you need to buy her from Character Selection.

The last step is to acquire She-Moon Eeta from the Character Selection Screen. Navigate to this screen, scroll down until you spot her silhouette, and hover over it. Press “buy” to permanently unlock She-Moon Eeta for use.

She-Moon Eeta Details, Stats, and Passive

She-Moon Eeta is a mobility-focused character, commencing her run equipped with the Glass Fandango weapon. Her starting stats include 100 Max Health, +2 Armor, and +20% Max Speed. She-Moon possesses the following passive ability:

Freeze all enemies for 10 seconds when health reaches a critically low level.

She-Moon is just one of the many characters awaiting players to unlock in the game. To learn more about unlocking all the characters in Vampire Survivors, consult our comprehensive characters unlock guide.

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