Where to Find the Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors

The Glass Fandango weapon inside of a cave in the Whiteout bonus stage.

In the Vampire Survivors 1.7.0 Whiteout update, a new weapon called the Glass Fandango was introduced. To obtain it, players need to discover it on the Whiteout bonus stage. For assistance in locating this weapon, consult our “where to find the Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors guide below.

Glass Fandango Weapon Location in Whiteout Stage

Location of the Glass Fandango weapon in a cave north of the spawn start in Whiteout.
The Glass Fandango is inside a cave north of the spawn.

To secure the Glass Fandango weapon in Vampire Survivors, start by gaining access to the Whiteout Stage. After successfully opening this stage, embark on a run of this unique bonus level.

Obtaining the Glass Fandango weapon is a simple task. From your starting point, head north until you encounter a cave entrance. Enter the cave to discover the Glass Fandango lying on the ground. To claim the weapon, approach it, and your character will automatically collect and add it to your inventory.

How to Unlock the Glass Fandango Permanently

Collecting the Glass Fandango adds it to your inventory, but it’s not immediately unlocked in the weapon pool. To make it permanently available and earn the “Extra: Glass Fandango” achievement, you must level it up to at least Level 7.

How to Evolve the Glass Fandango into Celestial Voulge

The Glass Fandango can undergo a weapon evolution when paired with Wings. After obtaining both items, level them up to their maximum level, and then interact with an evolution chest. This process will transform the weapon into the Celestial Voulge. The Celestial Voulge does the following:

Evolved Glass Fandango. Might deal critical damage and freeze enemies. Turns Orologions into Starry Heavens.

The Glass Fandango isn’t the only unlockable on the Whiteout bonus stage. Players also have the opportunity to discover the Antidote Relic and unlock a new character called She-Moon Eeta. For guidance on obtaining these, consult the respective guides focused on their unlock methods.

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